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GH Previews: Week of April 11



Lucky happens upon a guilt-ridden Luke as he is ready to set the Haunted Star ablaze. Lucky attempts to recruit Lulu’s help to save their father from the bottle.

Elsewhere, Johnny makes a tempting offer to a masochistic Luke that could make redemption impossible. Lucky and Jason have a heartfelt discussion about Jake and his death. Nikolas stumbles upon Elizabeth reviewing the paternity test results for Aiden. Maxie seeks Matt’s advice about Elizabeth. Elizabeth tells Steve she has something extremely important to do.

Meanwhile, Maxie discovers the truth about Aiden. Talking to Steve, both Elizabeth and Lucky blame themselves for Jake’s death and think the other holds them responsible for their child’s death. Tracy proves to Luke that he is not as sharp as he thinks he is when he has been drinking alcohol. Steve tries to inspire Luke to take action. Maxie gets her hands on the DNA results. Maxie presses Elizabeth to come clean. Sam offers Elizabeth her condolences, and Elizabeth gives Jason a trinket to remember Jake by – the yellow toy motorcycle. Elizabeth meets Lucky to tell him about the paternity results but finds Lucky and Nikolas closer than ever. Will Elizabeth be committed to the truth enough to drive a wedge between the two brothers once again?


Jason and Carly warn Michael to stay away from Abby for the time being as Ronnie is trying to set the Corinthos organization up for murder. Sam finds herself reconsidering motherhood. Patrick’s open animosity compels Lisa to get closer to Kristina. Dante unearths a strange connection between Johnny Zacchara and Brandon. Patrick worries that Johnny’s defense of Lisa could end up enabling her psychosis. Ethan helps Kristina overcome her feelings of jealousy over Lucian and her anxiety about her college acceptance.

Lulu shows Dante that perhaps Johnny’s motivations towards Michael are more protective. Diane questions Sonny’s role in Lucian’s life. Spinelli starts thinking sequel. Sam tells Jason about Carly’s wishes for them to have a baby. Brenda worries Sonny does not want her child in his life. Jason realizes that all the reasons for not wanting a child are no longer credible in light of Jake’s death at the hands of fortune not mob violence.


Michael goes to Jason after Abby is pulled in for questioning at the PCPD for Brandon’s murder on Monday, April 11th.

Brenda voices her concerns to Jax about not knowing how to raise a child among mob danger on Tuesday, April 12th.

Dante shares his fears with Sonny that Johnny may be setting Michael up for murder on Wednesday, April 13th.

Maxie steals the DNA test results from Elizabeth’s house preventing Lucky and Nikolas from finding them on Thursday, April 14th.

Brenda asks Michael if he regrets his being raised in Sonny’s world on Friday, April 15th.


Matt advises Maxie to keep quiet about Aiden’s true paternity. Brenda wants Sonny to love Lucian as his own. To bring him out of his grief, Lucky gets lucky with Siobhan. Kristina asks Ethan to prom. Jason and Sam decide they should try to have a child. Sonny gets a birthday surprise. Carly and Sonny try to keep Michael out of the business. Lisa drugs Kristina. Ronnie arrives on Abby’s doorstep with an arrest warrant. Johnny tells Lulu that he and Michael are kindred spirits.

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