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OLTL Previews: Week of April 18


Niki Smith returns with a vengence.


When Phyllis Rose airs the photo of Charlie and Echo kissing, Natalie is shocked and convinced that the photo must be a fraud, but Viki confides that Tess took the photo and it is indeed real. After Natalie leaves to confront Tess, Tess shows up at Llanfair and goes off on Viki about Ryder’s custody battle throwing in some digs about Viki’s failures as a wife and mother. Tess doesn’t let up on Viki until she sees that Viki is writhing in pain and Tess thinks she is suffering a heart attack until Niki Smith reveals that she has returned. When Tess returns to Ford’s apartment, Ford expresses his regrets that Viki must have been hurt by the photograph, but Tess tells him to save it, and explains how Viki is responsible for Tess’s existence. Later, Tess conspires with Niki to get custody of Ryder and the two are almost caught by Natalie, but Tess provides a cover for Niki’s strange appearance. Natalie gets word that Clint has suffered a heart attack and rushes to the hospital. Dorian and Joey have accompanied Clint to the hospital, and while he is being treated, Dorian almost tells Joey the truth about Aubrey and Cutter but is interrupted by Natalie’s arrival. Dorian goes to Llanfair to tell Viki (who is still Niki) that Echo knew the truth about Rex’s paternity, and is perplexed when Viki isn’t angrier. Natalie is upset by Rex’s indifference to Clint’s condition, but Rex allows Gigi to see that he’s really rocked by the turn of events.

Tea and Blair discuss John’s suspicions of Tomas, and when Tea seems relieved to know that Blair and Tomas aren’t seeing each other, Blair reacts by asking Tomas out. Tomas confronts John about investigating him, and John gets Tomas’s fingerprints. When John submits the fingerprints for analysis, they come up with a “MATCH” but the results are “classified”. Tomas receives a surprise visit, and reveals he has a mission to complete. Kelly informs John that Marty paid her a threatening visit. John and Natalie have an unpleasant encounter in the hospital. Marty admits to her psychiatrist that she changed Liam’s paternity results. When Gigi returns to the psychiatrist’s office to retrieve Shane’s forgotten backpack, she gives into temptation and swipes Shane’s session tape, but unknowingly grabs Marty’s tape by mistake.


Nora and Matthew try to figure out how to make things right. Starr invites Deanna to stay at LaBoulaie. Gigi accepts Rex’s wedding proposal. Shane is upset that Rex told anyone about his suicide attempt. Aubrey and Cutter and Rama scheme to turn Clint’s misfortune to their advantage. Jack is attacked.


Tess accuses Viki of being a failure in marriage and in motherhood. She hammers at Viki until Viki is writhing in some sort of private struggle. Tess thinks she’s having a heart attack until Viki reveals that she’s Niki Smith on Monday, April 18.

Dorian finds Clint in the throes of a heart attack but refuses to help him unless he tells her the truth about whether or not Echo knew all along that he, and not Charlie, was Rex’s father on Tuesday, April 19.

Starr shows Deanna to her new digs in Langston’s old room. Starr pumps Deanna for information about her relationship with James on Wednesday, April 20.

Blair leaves Jack at the hospital briefly, and Shane and Jack are face to face on Thursday, April 21.

Marty confesses to Dr. Buhari that Liam is, in fact, John’s baby with Natalie and that she switched the results. Natalie and Marty come face to face on Friday, April 22.


John tries to find out what Marty is hiding, a struggle for dominance plays out between Jean and Viki.

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