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B&B Previews: Week of April 18


Bill and Katie’s marital issues continue to be a major source of content for the pair. Steffy reveals to Stephanie she has a thing for a married man.


Monday – Steffy continues her efforts to seduce Bill. Nick is questioned about his bruises and his breakup with Aggie. Katie inquiries with Taylor about counseling. Justin and Donna feel at odds because of Bill and Katie’s situation.

Tuesday – Hope forgives Oliver and tells him she wants to give him another chance. Thorne expresses frustration about Thomas and Steffy becoming owners of the Forrester Creations before him. Ridge announces that the women’s Taboo line is back on.

Wednesday – Taylor voices her concern to Ridge about Thomas. Bill and Katie have their first therapy session. Brooke witnesses Thomas getting goodbye kisses from Dayzee, Madison and Summer. Steffy tells Ridge she wants a more prominent position in the company.

Thursday – Bill accuses Katie of being emotionally violent. Katie tells Taylor that she feels unsafe with Bill. Steffy confesses to Stephanie that she has a thing for a married man. Brooke and Thomas head to Australia.

Friday – Taylor asks Katie if Steffy is an issue in her marriage. Steffy tells Bill that she loves him and will be there for him. Brooke and Thomas experience a major hindrance that puts their trip slightly behind schedule.

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