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DAYS Previews: Week of April 18


Chloe is forced to have a painful goodbye with Parker; Melanie is attacked again; Stefano wants impostor Rafe to take someone out….


Monday – Impostor Rafe wants to take a leave of absence. Hope and Bo continue their search for Ciara and Theo, while Stefano and Victor take matters into their own hands. Melanie and Daniel come across a tipsy Chloe.

Tuesday – Fay’s funeral service concludes. Dario asks Melanie to drop the reward. Kate baits Chloe. Vivian comforts Stefano over Theo’s disappearance. Stefano orders impostor Rafe to take care of Troy, who’s out of prison.

Wednesday – Chloe’s forced to have a painful good-bye with Parker. Nicole reads Taylor’s private farewell letter to Fay. Melanie’s attacked by the masked man again. Jennifer’s flustered when she realizes Daniel might be attracted to her.

Thursday – Dario attacks Troy with the intent of killing him. Nicole asks Taylor about the letter she wrote to Fay. Adrienne convinces Jennifer to follow her heart. Daniel thinks that Carly’s emotional reaction is due to her feelings of loss.

Friday – Kate yells at Chloe for causing Philip to leave town. Brady and Dario get into a fight. Maggie and Victor bond over Ciara’s disapperance. Impostor Rafe lies to Dario and tells him he already left town.

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