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AMC Previews: Week of April 18


Kendall’s discovery may prove Zach was murdered, Griffin leaves Pine Valley, Jesse’s anxiety grows.



Tad diplomatically tells Jake he needs to stay away from Cara. Tad and Cara team up to capture the assailant who stabbed Griffin, but when he’s questioned, he claims that he did it to protect Diana. Kendall’s suspicions against Ricky mount, while Ricky plans a new life for them together in a new city. Kendall and Ricky have a picnic, and Ricky lets slip that he knows details about a private conversation between Kendall and Zach. Kendall takes some time for herself at the yacht, where she discovers the original letter from Zach, including the previously missing page. Kendall takes the evidence to Ryan and explains she’s beginning to suspect Ricky but still doesn’t have enough evidence to take to the police. Liza is on the verge on of uncovering that Griffin faked a ruptured spleen and sending him back to jail, when Kendall persuades Cara to create a diversion so she can help Griffin escape. Ricky tells Ryan he wants Kendall to drop her interest in the casino owners, but Ryan vows that he and Kendall will never give up. Kendall explains her suspicions of Ricky to Griffin and Ryan agrees to help Griffin get out of the country. Ryan gives Griffin his assurance that Kendall will not face Ricky alone. When Kendall arrives at her home, Ricky is waiting on the sofa with her children.

Angie and Krystal confide in one another. Angie confronts Jesse about his unusual behavior, but he explains it’s because of Griffin’s case and now Erica’s disappearance. Later he admits to Brot that he has to pull himself together for his family. Jesse has flashbacks of his deceased child when he holds Lucy. Later, Jesse shows up to find David with Angie explaining the extensive research into her blindness, and kicks him out. Frankie worries that David might be trying to harm Angie rather than help her, but Angie persuades a reluctant Jesse to allow David to help her.


Erica’s abductor forces her to call Jackson and tell him she can’t marry him because of Caleb, which immediately arouses suspicions. Opal tries to persuade Caleb to spend time with Krystal to keep her from getting closer to Jackson, but Caleb declines. Krystal comforts Jackson. Emma and Greenlee appear to be making strides to repair their relationship, until Emma sees a photo of Annie at Fusion and makes a dangerous move. Scott is discouraged when he is passed over for a job at the hospital and he decides honesty isn’t the best policy. Scott contacts JR and suggests they work together. Marissa is determined to remain independent and not lean on JR.


Things seem to be getting worse for Erica when a disembodied voice insists she tell Jackson that she doesn’t want to get married on Monday, April 18.

Jesse has trouble holding Lucy as he has flashes of his deceased baby. Tad questions him and thinks he’s pushing himself too far on Tuesday, April 19.

While he has been trying to do things the “right way”, Scott finds that he isn’t getting the benefit of the doubt after he’s passed up for a job at the hospital on Wednesday, April 20.

Kendall is able to convince Cara to help create a diversion from the police and tells Griffin she’s busting him out on Thursday, April 21.

Cara sets off the fire alarm in an effort to help Griffin escape. When Jesse takes Cara down to the station, Tad claims he was the one who set it off on Friday, April 22.


Ryan isn’t happy with Kendall’s plan to trap Ricky, Amanda throws out her birth control, and JR plays matchmaker for Bianca.

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