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GH Previews: Week of May 2



Brenda hurls accusations against Sonny as Lucian’s identity is revealed.


A distraught Brenda totally unravels upon Lucian’s disappearance. An angry Brenda accuses Sonny of not giving a damn about her son. Meanwhile, Dante works off of Sonny’s suspicions and immediately questions Suzanne about the boy’s disappearance. A desperate, yet still resourceful Brenda makes an emotional plea to both Jax and Sonny – challenging them both to help her find Lucian. As Brenda becomes undone, the truth about Lucian’s identity is secretly revealed.

Brenda decides to take Jax’s advice and offer a reward for Lucian’s return. Brenda and Sonny battle over the reward offered for Lucian’s safe return. Sonny becomes concerned that Lucian’s disappearance is tearing his relationship with Brenda apart. Later, Dante returns with intel that Suzanne was seen boarding a plane with a child meeting Lucian’s description.


Jason investigates Anthony’s involvement in Brandon’s murder. Lisa takes the opportunity to gain full access to the Drake house as Kristina is knocked out. Carly breaks down in Shawn’s arms after Jax threatens to take Carly to court to gain full custody of Josslyn. Jason and Abby have a heart to heart about Michael. Johnny witnesses Anthony paying off a woman with a blonde wig. Lulu comes face to face with her father and manages to stick to her guns post intervention. Tracy locks Luke out of the Haunted Star. Nikolas offers to help Siobhan with her visa. Siobhan and Lucky have a romantic time at the cabin she takes him to and the two decide to push forward with the marriage.

Steve spends the afternoon making love to Olivia while ducking out on work to avoid Elizabeth. Spinelli grows angry with Diane when he finds her snooping through his old case files. Luke gets tough love from Tracy as his attorney Alexis explores the legitimacy of his lawsuit. After talking to Jason, Elizabeth decides to tell Lucky the truth and rushes to see him before he marries Siobhan. Jason dreams of the day before the child’s birthday. Luke confides in Ethan about his own alcoholic father. Elizabeth recalls her vows with Lucky as he and Siobhan are married. Later, Elizabeth breaks down in Lucky’s arms after finding his birthday present for Jake as the missus looks on. Sam heads into surgery, worried about her ability to carry Jason’s child.


Jason breaks into Johnny’s penthouse only to discover a suspicious woman in the doorway on Monday, May 2nd.

Lisa gets voyeuristic as she peeks in via video wiretaps while Robin and Patrick make love on Tuesday, May 3rd.

Elizabeth returns to work and is haunted by visions of Jake on Wednesday, May 4th.

Sam goes to General Hospital for her fertility procedure on Thursday, May 5th.

Elizabeth rushes to the justice of the peace with the paternity results but can’t bring herself to hurt Lucky by disrupting his wedding on Friday, May 6th.


Siobhan stumbles upon the truth about Aiden. Robin & Patrick’s banter brings a lethal idea to Lisa’s mind. Michael steps into Anthony’s web when he uses Abby as bait. Maxie finds a ring in Matt’s pocket…will a certain question pop to mind? Brenda seethes at Carly’s involvement in her son’s rescue. Dante puts Sonny’s life in danger. Jsaon and Elizabeth share a close moment over Josslyn.

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