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AMC Previews: Week of May 2


Ryan learns Greenlee has been hiding a secret from him.


Emma runs away from school and shows up at Fusion to see Madison. Greenlee tells Madison she must step aside and allow Greenlee to handle her step daughter, and accuses Madison of using Emma and her unborn child to keep her ties to Ryan. Ryan asks Greenlee to remarry him since Ricky performed the ceremony, and it’s legality is questionable. Greenlee contemplates telling Ryan that she knew about Madison’s pregnancy. David goads Greenlee about her marriage to Ryan and tells her Ryan will never fully accept her, warts and all. Ryan learns that Greenlee brought Madison to the doctor on Christmas Eve and realizes that Greenlee knew about Madison’s pregnancy. When Ryan confronts Greenlee, she apologizes and asks for his forgiveness, but Ryan is uncertain they can get back on track. Ryan questions Greenlee, and she admits she got Scott out of prison in hopes that he and Madison would become close. In front of Scott, Ryan tells Madison she should reconsider allowing Scott to be in the delivery room when she has the baby. Ryan decides not to tell Madison about Scott and Greenlee’s manipulations, but warns Scott that relationships based on lies rarely work out. Scott plans to tell Madison everything, but can’t bear to destroy her happiness. Greenlee tells Ryan she will fight for them.

Opal warns Krystal to back off from Jack, but Krystal insists she’s being a friend and doesn’t think Jack will be happy with Erica. Jack informs them that Erica received his video but didn’t respond, and Erica’s captor won’t allow her to respond to the video. Jackson receives an email from Erica saying she won’t be home anytime soon. Erica tries to escape but her captor injects her with something that renders her unconscious. When Erica regains consciousness, the captor feels guilty and claims Erica made him/her who he/she is today, and Erica persuades the assailant to go and get some of her belongings from her penthouse. Jackson and Bianca go to Erica’s penthouse to get some of her things, forcing the assailant to hide in the closet. Jackson notices a scarf on the floor, but when he returns it is gone and he thinks Erica has been there. When her captor returns, Erica opens one of the books she requested and finds a phone that she’s previously hidden there.


Kendall, who is wired and Griffin is listening, tells Ricky they must take things slow. In spite of Griffin’s insistence that Kendall make Ricky stay somewhere public, Kendall suggest they go back to Ricky’s place. Kendall manages to get Ricky out of his apartment so she can search his laptop, but when he returns unexpectedly, she must shut it down. Ricky leads Kendall to his bed. JR invites Marissa to move back into the mansion. Scott is upset when JR informs him of plans to tear down the carriage house where Stuart lived. Scott tells JR, in front of Marissa that he will rebuild the carriage house. Angie almost falls while holding Lucy, but Jesse catches her. Angie realizes that Jake and Amanda aren’t in agreement about having a baby and warns Amanda against having a child. David tells Liza it’s up to her whether they continue seeing each other, but that he doesn’t want things to change.


Ryan learns that Ricky replaced a pastor who died suddenly and Kendall shudders at the possibility that Ricky killed the man on Monday, May 2.

David taunts Greenlee on her marriage to Ryan, rubbing it in that it’s not the bliss she thought it was going to be and says Ryan will never accept her flaws the way he did on Tuesday, May 3.

Ryan confronts Greenlee over keeping the truth about Madison’s pregnancy from him on Wednesday, May 4.

Madison and Scott make love and both feel they are lucky to have each other on Thursday, May 5.

Erica wonders how she will use the hidden phone that’s in the book she asked the captor to pick up on Friday, May 6.


David reaches out to Greenlee. Jack, Caleb and Asher are caught in an explosion.

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