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GH Previews: Week of May 9


Maxie, Elizabeth and Siobhan keep Lucky in the dark about Aiden.


The week starts off as the new Mrs. Spencer, Siobhan, accidentally discovers the truth about Aiden’s paternity. Meanwhile, Lucky and Jason commiserate about Jake on what would have been the boy’s fourth birthday. Elizabeth decides against telling Lucky the truth about his son so that she can set him free to be happy. Siobhan resolves to tell Lucky the truth. Elsewhere, Lucky asks Jason not to exact revenge on Luke.

As Maxie finds herself ready to explode with the secret, Matt distracts her. Later, Siobhan has a change of heart and decides against telling Lucky about Aiden’s true paternity. Luke tries to convince Lucky to let go. Just as Maxie calms down about Aiden’s paternity, she gets an even bigger distraction when she discovers a ring in Matt’s pocket. Elizabeth and Jason share a warm moment over Josslyn and her survival via Jake’s kidney.


Post-operation, Jason and Sam spend quality time together as she rests. Michael is unsuccessful in arguing Abby out of confessing to Brandon’s murder. Kristina wonders why her “herbal supplements” don’t match the online images she searches. Michael refuses to heed Carly and Jason’s warnings that Anthony is setting a trap. Carly asks Shawn to whack Anthony.

Patrick discovers he is missing his credit card statement, which Lisa has stolen it to create an evidence e-trail of their supposed affair. With Spinelli’s help, Sonny and Dante track Suzanne to San Antonio, Texas. Jax uses Carly’s mission with Sonny as an opportunity to take Josslyn. Jason brings Sam home from the hospital, and they talk about how a child would change their daily lives. Jax and Brenda commiserate over Sonny and Carly’s bond and the jeopardy the mob life puts on children. Sam is concerned she will not be a good mother.


Sonny and Dante come up with a plan to bust Suzanne at her own game, meanwhile an impatient Brenda goes on national television to try to get her son back on Monday, May 9th.

Carly warns a flirtatious Anthony to stay the hell away from her son on Tuesday, May 10th.

Kristina has a meltdown about her college admissions and Michael begins to wonder if she has a substance abuse problem on Wednesday, May 11th.

Brenda is livid when Sonny brings Carly in to help in her son’s rescue on Thursday, May 12th.

Jax and Brenda commiserate over Sonny and Carly’s unbreakable bond on Friday, May 13th.


Sonny and Dante partner up to get Brenda’s real son. Lisa lays the groundwork for her next assault on Robin and Patrick. Brenda confronts Suzanne. Ethan uncovers Kristina’s drug addiction. Alexis hopes Sam and Jason will decide against having a child. Lisa locks Robin in the basement with a leaking gas heater. Brenda thanks Carly for saving her child. Jason asks Michael to back off the search for the hit woman who killed Brandon. Lucky succumbs to his demons.

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