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B&B Previews: Week of June 13


Brooke makes an announcement she is walking away from Ridge and from Forrester


Brooke announces her split from Ridge and from Forrester.

Stephanie begins to feel guilty when Brooke says she wants to change for the better.

Nick is encouraged by both Stephanie and Whip to reunite with Brooke.

A guilt ridden Brooke begs Hope to forgive her transgressions.

Brooke attempts to make nice with Taylor.

Taylor finally gets what she wants: Ridge.

Amber questions her baby’s paternity once again after talking with Marcus and begs Carl to do another paternity test.

Bill gives Liam some much needed advice.

Liam and Hope take a trip.

Carl performs the paternity test while Amber starts to have contractions.

Justin wants Marcus to change his last name to Barber.

A desperate Oliver seeks advice from Brooke.

Whip and Oliver have a heart to heart over women.

A panicked Amber interrupts Liam’s vacation with Hope to announce that she is in labor.

Liam rushes to the hospital with Bill and Tawny in tow.

Oliver and Hope head to Big Bear.

Amber’s latest paternity test results are stalled when the lab makes a mistake.

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