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OLTL Previews: Week of July 4


Rex plots revenge.


Shane unloads on Clint for living while his mother is dead. Rex intervenes, and then explains to Shane that he intends to use Clint’s fortune to exact revenge on Todd and Jack. Shane and Rex plan to move into the mansion. Jack begins to suffer genuine remorse over Gigi’s death. Blair confronts Jack and advises that he can never move on with his life until he faces up to what he’s done. When Todd discovers his car is missing, he ascertains that Jack has gone to see Rex and Shane, and he gets to Jack just in time to prevent him from admitting everything. Todd covers with condolences, and Rex, surprisingly, accepts graciously. After Todd and Jack leave, Rex tells Shane he doesn’t want to tip his hand, so he can catch Todd and Jack off guard. Meanwhile, John puts a tail on Vimal after Vimal clams up about what Todd’s been keeping from him, and John discovers that Vimal is working for Todd now. His suspicions aroused, John enlists Brody’s help in bringing down Todd. Rex and Shane prepare to receive friends and family at the mansion to pay respects to Gigi, and Blair and Tea receive a chilly reception. Roxy is appalled that Rex used Gigi’s heart to gain Clint’s fortune, but Echo isn’t as judgmental. Rex plans to get back at Todd and Jack by taking Blair and Tea from them. Jack overhears Vimal and Todd discussing a secret they are keeping from John McBain. Todd’s business interests are threatened by a mysterious business rival, Origami Cogs.

Matthew tries to tell Nora that Nate hit him, but suffers a seizure that leaves his condition worsened. Destiny tells an unconscious Matthew that she is pregnant, but later denies it to Dani. Clint and Bo have a discussion about Matthew in front of Viki. Viki figures out that Clint is covering for Matthew and urges Clint not to throw away his second chance at life by confessing to a crime he didn’t commit. Nate and Dani hash out their fight over their secrets, but Nate continues to keep the truth from Dani about hitting Matthew. Rick informs Deanna and Nate that Matthew’s condition is more critical than they believed, and pressures them into working for him. Bo and Nora make a decision about further treatment for Matthew in a facility in Philadelphia.


The man with Todd Manning’s original face makes his way to Llanfair, almost bumping into Viki. Echo’s plans for revenge against Viki and Dorian are moving along smoothly. Echo snaps pictures of Ionia throwing herself at David poolside at La Boulaise and puts them on the internet. Dorian is furious and refuses to go to see Rex and Shane with David. David enlists Viki’s help in finding who is setting him up. Viki confronts Dorian about not getting Clint help soon enough when he had his heart attack. David returns to La Boulaise to discover Dorian with a gun. Brody almost tells Natalie that John is Liam’s father, but when Natalie reveals she told John that she and Brody and Liam are going to be a family, he keeps quiet. John asks Brody about the missing tape recorder. Natalie tells Jessica that she and Brody are together. When Tomas expresses concern over Blair’s obvious distress, she covers what Jack has done by going off on Tomas about his secrets. Their argument turns to passion.


ENCORE EPISODE: Viki’s alters duel in court at Ryder’s custody hearing on Monday, July 4.

When John arrives to rescue Jessica, she refuses to press charges against Ford on Tuesday, July 5.

Clint stands by his confession of killing Eddie, but Viki realizes Clint is covering for someone. and guesses that it’s Matthew on Wednesday, July 6.

Blair encounters Tomas and is unable to tell him the truth about Jack’s involvement in Gigi’s death. Tomas suspects she’s keeping a secret and she blasts him about all the secrets he’s keeping from her on Thursday, July 7.

The man with Todd’s original face skulks around Llanfair, nearly making contact with Viki on Friday, July 8.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of July 11.

David and Dorian discover a dead body by her swimming pool, Sam goes missing from his birthday party, and Echo overhears Rex plotting to hurt Tea and Blair.

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