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AMC Previews: Week of July 11


Marissa acts impulsively.


Kathy wakes Tad from dreams of Dixie and wants to know why he slept on the couch. Tad promises to keep Cara safe and she tries to convince him she feels more than gratitude toward him. Tad compares two photos of him with Dixie and with Cara. Meanwhile JR dreams of a wedding to Marissa. When he wakes, he tells Marissa about his dream and she wonders if Bianca coached him on that as well. Later Marissa admits to Scott that she isn’t blaming either JR or Bianca, but admits she is a coward and that is why she accepted JR back into her life. JR finds Marissa and Scott together and the ensuing confrontation drives him to buy a bottle of alcohol. When AJ shows up and shares his glee that Marissa and JR are together, JR dumps the alcohol. Amanda dreams she’s with her family and JR crops up and pronounces they are all diseased. Jake awakens her from the nightmare and tries to calm her. While Jake is in the shower, Amanda makes a hasty retreat. At Krystal’s, Amanda admits to Opal that she had a one night stand. Alone in the park, Amanda reflects on her situation and when Jake shows up she tells him she has an STD. Jake emphasizes that Amanda has to tell her former partners about her condition. Amanda admits she had a one night stand with JR and Jake blames JR for taking advantage of her, but also takes blame himself for making Amanda feel insecure. As Dixie sleeps, she dreams of JR as a baby and calls out to Tad to save JR.

Although Kendall and Griffin admit their feelings and share a kiss, they agree to take things slow. After Griffin kisses her goodnight, Kendall gazes upon Zach’s photo and realizes her love for him hasn’t abated. Marissa finds Bianca in the park and tells her that her better judgment is prevailing and she is no longer sure about giving JR another chance, then Marissa takes Bianca’s face in her hands and kisses her. Bianca pulls back and says she isn’t ready. When Marissa confesses to JR that she has feelings for Bianca but he throws her out and takes a drink. Jane coerces David into making love to her, but when the fire alarm goes off and they try to make their escape, they run into Greenlee. Greenlee accuses David of manipulating Erica. Jane admits she’s in love with David and Jackson is shocked.


Erica confides in Ben about her childhood. “Erica’s” family stages an intervention about David. Mookie grabs Maya roughly and wants to know why she’s covering for JR. Jesse explains to Brot that he fears if Angie gets her sight back she will realize that Lucy is not their child. Frankie realizes Mookie and Maya have a connection. David tells Angie that her stem cells are responding to treatment and reveals that he’s never lost a patient, other than his father.


Kendall looks at a photo of her and Zach after Griffin kisses her goodnight and her love for him is still there on Monday, July 11.

Marissa finds Bianca in the park and says she misses her and that her better judgment is telling her to run from JR. Marissa takes Bianca’s face in her hands and kisses her on Tuesday, July 12.

Amanda admits she slept with JR after watching him and Cara in the tent. Jake blames JR for taking advantage of Amanda and blames himself for driving her to this after indulging in a fantasy of what he and Cara had on Wednesday, July 13.

In order to get Jane back under his spell David kisses her. As they begin to make love the fire alarm goes off and they go running out of the room only to find Greenlee on Thursday, July 14.

JR tells Tad he doesn’t need to be checked on but Tad says he promised Dixie he’d take care of him. Tad admits that his relationship with Dixie may have been the best one he’ll ever have on Friday, July 15.


Tad receives Dixie’s diary, Greenlee has flashes of a memory, Kathy sees Dixie.

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