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B&B Previews: Week of July 11


Stephanie faces Taylor’s fury and later offers a sincere apology to Brooke. Steffy begs her father not to choose Brooke over their family.


Taylor is furious with Stephanie when the truth comes out

The Forresters and the Logans face new challenges

Dayzee and Thomas discuss their future

Stephanie admits her fears to Eric

Thomas and Brooke come face to face after the wedding

Brooke is stunned by the truth

Stephanie gives Brooke the answers she’s been looking for

A sincere Stephanie apologizes to Brooke

Eric helps Stephanie come up with a plan to make things right

Thorne admits his true feelings to Eric

Unable to get past Thomas’ actions, Dayzee ends their relationship

Ridge is shocked by Stephanie and Brooke’s heart to heart

Thomas tells Steffy he lied because he was jealous of her position in the company

Steffy is devastated when she learns the truth and begs her father not to leave their family for Brooke

Bill makes a decision about his love life

Steffy drives off in a pissed off state and could be in major danger

Ridge and Taylor search for Steffy

Y&R Previews: Week of July 11

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