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B&B Previews: Week of July 18

Bill comforts Steffy in her time of need, and later forms an alliance with Taylor to take down Ridge.


Bill and Steffy share an intimate moment where they express their devotion to one another

Bill tries to persuade Steffy to give up her fight with her father

Ridge and Brooke get back together.

Bill offers to help Taylor get back at Ridge.

Steffy blames Thomas for Ridge leaving their family

Taylor prohibits Thomas from turning his Forrester shares back over to Stephanie.

Ridge has his own plans for the Thomas’s shares

Ridge instructs Stephanie on what to do.

Hope makes her anger at Thomas clear.

Hope gives Steffy the business.

Liam catches Steffy with Bill and demands answers.

Taylor questions Steffy when she finds Bill in Steffy’s bedroom.

Karen arrives for a Spencer Publications board meeting.

Katie plans a surprise for Bill: a vow renewal!

Stephanie asks Brooke to be a special part of her life again.