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Y&R Previews: Week of July 18


Adam refuses to help Sharon in her time of need; Victor continues to manipulate Victoria


Billy is involved in a devastating accident

Cane challenges Billy to turn his life around

Tucker’s announcement at the Jabot launch surprises Abby

Victor encourages Victoria to forget Billy

Victoria bares her soul to Billy after his accident

Diane is angry as Jack and Victor clash over Kyle

Sharon is sentenced and Adam is there for her.

Victor and Sam form an alliance

Adam wants Diane to frame Victor

Adam lies to Phyllis about the missing evidence

Sharon is shocked when Diane answers Adam’s phone

Diane has a surprising offer for Victor

Adam isn’t as trustworthy as Sharon believes.

Diane uses her own son to seek revenge against Victor.

Abby tells Tucker the truth about the accident.

The Abbott family celebrates Billy’s birthday

Sam demands that Adam help Sharon

The D.A. offers Sharon a heartbreaking choice

Coming up:

Sharon is betrayed by Adam once again.
Diane blackmails Victor with the facts about the night Abby hit Tucker.
Nick and Phyllis get closer as they search for evidence to clear Sharon.

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