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AMC Previews: Week of July 25


Jesse’s anxiety continues to grow.


In his drunken state, JR thinks he has a vision of Dixie and confides in the “apparition” that he believes he would be better off dead, but he remembers AJ and reconsiders. When JR shows up to Krystal’s he discovers that AJ is out with Marissa and vents his frustration on Krystal. When Krystal tries to call Tad, JR grabs her roughly but realizes he is out of control and is devastated by his actions. When Tad arrives, JR tells him that Dixie isn’t happy with him. JR is nursing a hangover when Tad shows up to check on him. Tad brings some cards that JR made for Dixie as a child, and ponders the coincidence that Kathy also claims to have seen Dixie. JR insists that Dixie is dead. JR and Scott argue about JR’s drinking. JR finds Tad and insists that he must see AJ, but AJ doesn’t want to see JR. Tad and JR argue and Tad winds up pushing JR into the pool. JR admits he overheard Tad’s memorial to Dixie and explains he’s having a much harder time accepting Marissa’s rejection. When JR tries to go get AJ from Marissa, AJ unleases a tirade and tells JR he never wants to see him again. Meanwhile, Dixie continues to evade David’s attempts to find her but encounters Brot. Brot sees that Dixie is dazed and confused and surmising that she’s mentally ill, takes her to Oak Haven. Jackson visits Erica at Oak Haven and she tells him the story of her kidnappers. Jackson believes her and they reunite. Erica goes with Janet to arts and crafts where she sees Marian and Annie. Tad comes to pick up Opal who was visiting, and Tad and Dixie feel each other’s presence.

Jesse gets confirmation that Maya is indeed Lucy’s biological mother and his anxiety peaks. Jesse can’t stop worrying about what will happen if Angie finds out, and asks Brot to find out if Maya knows she is Lucy’s mother. Jesse is shocked to learn that Angie has invited Maya to move in. Mookie’s controlling behavior concerns Angie.


Jake tries to reassure Amanda that she will survive cancer. Amanda asks her doctor if she will be able to have more children and learns it is a possibility, but if the cancer has spread she may have to undergo a hysterectomy. Amanda apologizes to Cara for all the problems she caused, and Cara thanks her for uniting her with Tad. As a cancer survivor, Cara is a comfort to Amanda. Kendall, Greenlee and Madison prepare for the Fierce presentation. David agrees to treat Greenlee, but says she will have to go with him to a special facility. Just as Tad’s memorial to Dixie causes Kendall to realize she has some moving on to do as well, Griffin’s secrecy surrounding his work with David on the Orpheus project drives a wedge between him and Kendall.


Ryan tells Kendall that Griffin knows about the Orpheus Project and could possibly be helping David control Erica. on Monday, July 25.

Amanda is nervous about her test results and Jake confirms she has cancer. She starts immediately planning for the future, telling Jake she wants him to remarry on Tuesday, July 26.

Jesse and Angie argue over Maya living with them and Angie wants to help Maya get out of an unhealthy relationship on Wednesday, July 27.

Scott bumps into Madison at the park and he tells her about the work he’s doing on Stuart’s house and Madison says she would love to see his progress on Thursday, July 28.

Marissa visits David in the hospital and tells him about her and Bianca on Friday, July 29.


Jesse grows more desperate to get Maya away from Angie and Lucy, Kendall’s heart races with memories of Zach, Thorsten Kaye returns as Zach.

GH Previews: Week of July 25

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