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OLTL Previews: Week of August 8


Destiny struggles with a life changing decision.


David and his “pa” have a conversation about Nate’s fate. David assumes Nate is going down for hurting Matthew but Bo isn’t telling. Meanwhile, Nora is upset with Bo for not arresting Nate. Bo explains that Nate knows about Eddie’s murder. Nora confronts Nate, who admits to everything, leaving Nora to make a painful decision. Destiny sees her mother, and asks her to sign a consent form so that she can terminate her pregnancy. Destiny and Mrs. Evans grow closer to mending their fractured relationship. Mrs. Evans agrees to sign the consent forms, and Destiny goes to see Matthew and tells him that she’s decided not to have the baby, unaware that Nora is listening to her conversation. Nora begs Destiny to have her child and to allow Nora and Bo to raise him. Upset, Destiny races from the room. Nora explains to Bo about their grandchild. Mrs. Evans is upset when she learns that Destiny is reconsidering her options and confronts Nora about her interference.

The mystery of the two Todds grows murkier after John reveals the DNA results. A new test is required after the shocking reveal. Dani shows up and comes face to face with the man who has Todd’s original face. Tea comforts a tormented Dani. Viki volunteers to allow the man with Todd’s original face to stay at Llanfair. Todd awaits the results of the new test, while the man with Todd’s original face appeals to Viki. Viki thinks there may be only one person who can untangle the mess. Meanwhile, Jessica sees the man with her uncle’s original face for the first time, and he conveys his disbelief that she could work for Todd and never realize he was an imposter. Jessica confesses that she’s felt some disconnect with Todd. Todd tries to persuade Blair to help him convince Starr that he’s her real father. Blair is still uncertain, and surprises Todd with a kiss which leaves her undecided. Tomas tells Blair he will unravel the mystery and hatches a plan with John to raid the compound (with Brody’s assistance) and find the truth about the two Todds.


Starr and James make love. Natalie finds Rex pouring over security tapes looking for Gigi. Natalie is concerned for Rex, and calls Madame Delphina to provide some answers. Delphina reaches the great beyond for a clue . . . “spotted pony”. Neither Natalie nor Rex knows what to think of it. When Clint’s attorney argues that incarceration is tantamount to a death sentence, the judge agrees to home confinement and Viki steps in to provide Clint a home in which to be confined.


John opens the results of the DNA test in front of the people who know Todd Manning better than anyone. Everyone barely has a chance to react to the shock when John delivers another huge jolt on Monday, August 8.

Mrs. Evans signs the form allowing Destiny to get an abortion. David spends some quality time with Matthew on Tuesday, August 9.

Todd reminisces with Tea while the man with Todd’s original face does the same thing with Viki on Wednesday, August 10.

Jessica sees the man with Todd’s original face making himself comfortable at Viki’s, for the first time on Thursday, August 11.

David helps the two possible Todds with information that could help them solve the mystery on Friday, August 12.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 15.

The real Todd Manning is revealed, Natalie tells Brody about Delphina’s puzzling comments, David and Cutter both react to the clue about the “Spotted Pony” and John arrives at Llanfair with a surprising person.

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