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AMC Previews: Week of August 8


Kendall finds Zach.



The citizens of Pine Valley react to shocking reveals. Although at first Greenlee thinks she’s hallucinating, she discovers that Zach is indeed alive, although unconscious. Greenlee challenges David and wants to know why he’s brought them back to life only to keep them prisoners. Zach stirs and in his delirium he first thinks Greenlee is his mother, and then believes she’s Kendall. Not wanting to alarm Zach, Greenlee goes along with his hallucinations and pretends to be Kendall. Later Zach tries to escape, but in his weakened state, he collapses. Greenlee is horrified to discover he has no pulse and calls for help. Ryan hears Greenlee’s cries, followed closely by David’s arrival on the scene. As David is treating Zach, Kendall shows up and sees Zach for the first time.

Cara tells Krystal and Opal that Janet claims Dixie is alive, but Opal is doubtful. Tad talks out loud unaware that Dixie is close by. Dixie becomes more lucid and realizes she really is hearing Tad’s voice and calls out to him. Dixie asks Tad to tell her about his life. Later, JR is shocked to see Dixie at the Martin’s and refuses to believe that it is really her. Instead, JR thinks David and Tad are setting him up. Tad promises Cara that he will not allow her to be deported.


Jackson tells Jane he may be able to keep her out of prison on an insanity plea. Jane denies she was in cahoots with David. Jake is so worried for Amanda and as she prepares for surgery realizes how much she really means to him. Colby tries to persuade Maya to put herself first and make some changes in her life.


Bianca wonders how Tad is going to react to Dixie being alive. Kendall tells Bianca about the Orpheus project and Griffin’s involvement on Monday, August 8.

Angie’s shocked to learn David’s treating other patients and wants to talk to him alone about the work he is doing but David won’t reveal names on Tuesday, August 9.

Jake tells Griffin he didn’t appreciate how amazing Amanda was until it was almost too late on Wednesday, August 10.

JR is stunned when he shows up at the Martin house and sees Dixie on Thursday, August 11.

Kendall hears David calling out for help and is stunned to see his patient is Zach. on Friday, August 12.


Is Babe still alive? Someone is found dead. David talks to Greenlee about Gillian

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