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GH Previews: Week of August 8


Jason’s life hangs in the balance.



The week begins as Elizabeth wakes up from the car accident. Elizabeth quickly discovers Siobhan lying unconscious. Elizabeth finds Jason unresponsive in the other car and Carly somewhat injured. Elsewhere, Sam starts to get excited about her wedding date! Jason is rushed into General Hospital and it is unclear if he will make it. Robin and Patrick are starting to get romantic but are interrupted when Patrick is called in for an emergency head trauma – Jason.

Sam gets a distressing call from Monica. Elizabeth goes in search of Lucky as Siobhan remains in the hospital. Carly and Sam don’t see eye to eye. Sam reveals her engagement to Jason. Jason’s history of head trauma comes into play. Will Sam have to make key decisions for Jason? All wait for news on Jason. At the hospital, Sam gives Monica a picture of Jake.


Carly is determined to get Josslyn from Jax before one ex-husband murders the other. Sonny bursts in on Skye and Edward. Abby becomes uncomfortable when Michael treats her like one of Sonny’s women on the island. Sonny holds a trigger on a man boarding a plane. Alexis and Diane get stuck at Jake’s in the storm – and decide to play a drinking game with Coleman. Carly pleads with Jax to return Josslyn.

Shawn interrupts Sonny’s plan to sabotage Jax’s plane. Robin gets an unexpected visit from Jax and Josslyn. Elizabeth helps Lucky come down off the drugs, and they talk about the son they lost. Robin and Mac discuss work-life balance. Johnny receives a gift from his father. Sonny eavesdrops as Matt and Robin skype and arrives at the Drake residence with murderous intent.


Jax, with Josslyn in hand, faces off with Shawn, who suffers a PTSD stress attack on Monday, August 8th.

Sam lays into Carly on Tuesday, August 9th.

High as a kite, Lucky flashes back to memorable times of his relationship with Elizabeth on Wednesday, August 10th.

Sonny uses physical violence against Dante when he gets in his path on Thursday, August 11th.

Anthony Zacchara orders a hit on Friday, August 12th.


Carly wants an update on Josslyn. Sonny and Jax face off in Robin’s living room. Dante makes it clear he is treating Sonny as the criminal that he is. Tracy and Skye spar. Elizabeth watches Lucky holding Siobhan’s hand. Elizabeth asks Matt to test a suspicious prescription bottle. Carly kicks Sonny out of her life. Dante and Lulu have sex. Skye finds someone she knows down for the count.

AMC Previews: Week of August 8

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