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OLTL Previews: Week of August 15


Natalie and Rex head off on a road trip; The real Todd Manning is revealed.


Rex runs an internet search on the phrase “Spotted Pony” based on Delphina’s cryptic clues from the great beyond, but doesn’t find anything that makes any sense to him. Rex sees Gigi again at Capricorn and tries to follow her, but David gets in his way. When David learns Rex is researching “Spotted Pony” , he gets the reference. David tells Rex that “Spotted Pony” is a strip club in Kentucky. Cutter encourages Aubrey to come on to Rex, but Rex rebuffs her advances. When Aubrey explains later that Rex was intensely trying to find a meaning behind “Spotted Pony” Cutter has a reaction. Cutter overhears Rex say he’s going to Kentucky. Cutter accuses Rama of spilling secrets to Rex. Rex asks Natalie to go on a road trip to Kentucky to investigate the “Spotted Pony”. When they arrive at the strip club, Natalie is mistaken for a dancer and Rex is propositioned. Rex sends Natalie back to the Buchanan jet to wait for him as he tries to figure out why Gigi would send him to a strip club. Rex is almost on the verge of leaving in frustration when the next dancer is announced . . . Gigi.

Tea’s jealousy is piqued when Blair mentions the man with Todd’s face kissed her, but when Blair says she kissed Todd, Tea’s reaction is volcanic. Tomas interrupts the melee and shares shocking news that will lift the cloud of mystery over the dual Todds. John’s arrival with the person who has the answers they seek is a shock for Viki and the two Todd’s. John’s surprise guest reveals the truth behind the two Todd’s. When the truth is revealed, Starr has an emotional encounter with her father. The man who is notTodd refuses to believe it and makes plans for his family. Blair and Tomas have a conversation and a kiss. The real Todd is furious with Blair for not believing in him and her defense only makes matters worse.


Nora and Destiny’s mother have a raging argument over Nora’s interference in Destiny’s decision. Dani and Destiny bond over their family drama. Kelly and Joey decide to move back to London to be closer to Zane. Dorian and David have conflicting plans for their future. Natalie asks John for the blank tape that holds the key to Marty’s puzzle. Delphina tells Natalie that Todd knows what was on the tape, and when Natalie tells Brody of Delphina’s revelation, he makes plans to eliminate the one person he fears could destroy his future with Natalie and Liam.


Blair lets Tea know that the man with Todd’s original face kissed her. Tea’s a little jealous, but that’s nothing compared to how she feels when Blair tells her that she also kissed Todd on Monday, August 15.

Natalie asks John if she can have the blank tape held in evidence in the Gigi’s death on Tuesday, August 16.

The real Todd Manning is revealed on Wednesday, August 17.

Brody is left to privately vow to do something to prevent Todd from telling Natalie or anyone the truth on Thursday, August 18.

Blair reels when she learns the truth about who is the real Todd Manning. The real Todd blames Blair for not believing him on Friday, August 19.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 22.

Dorian says goodbye to Llanview and the most important person in her life.

AMC Previews: Week of August 15

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