On the Set of 'Days of our Lives' With Freddie Smith


Freddie Smith (Sonny, DAYS) talks life on the set of Days of Our Lives, as well as a surprising new potential love interest for Sonny!

Earlier this week, TVSource Magazine headed to the set of Days of Our Lives, getting a sneak peek at what fans will see when the series “reboots” itself beginning September 26. The show wants fans to embrace their theme for summer, “Watch now to see how we change” and during our visit to the set of “DAYS 2.0,” we were given the opportunity to see just how much has changed. We were treated to a sneak peek at the brand new, massive Horton Square set (there are multiple new sets as well) and interviewed some of the stars as well. Each day for the next week we’ll publish one (maybe two) of our interviews with the stars who participated in the tour. First up is newcomer Freddie Smith.

Freddie Smith joined the cast of Day of Our Lives this past summer as Sonny Kirakis, the shows’ first gay character. A lot of buzz built up around his arrival, as Smith was coming off a stint on The CW’s 90210 where he also played a gay character. So far, Smith has adjusted well to the daytime soap opera schedule. “It’s great. It’s five days a week, playing the same character and working with a lot of the same people. Days is always happening – it is always on – that’s why people get so hooked. They are on everyday and not once a week.” Smith says working of the working environment at DAYS, “The experience has been really great. I came on and worked with Judi [Evans] and Wally [Kurth] and they showed me around, gave me some pointers. I have been here four months and I love it.”

Taking on the role of a legacy character is always a challenge, but to play the series’ first gay character on top of that? It would have been understandable for an actor to feel pressure, but Smith didn’t. “I just put my heart and soul into him and play it the best I can. I try not to add any pressure because it would distract.” His on-screen parents have made him feel welcome, as he explains “I worked with Judi during my screen test. I had a feeling I had booked it based on the chemistry we had. It felt very much like mother and son.” Smith also tells us he wasn’t hesitant about jumping from primetime to daytime. “I wasn’t [worried]. It is a great role that came along and I wanted to give it a go and I am glad I did. Days is really re-energizing everything.”

Before Sonny’s debut, rumor had he would be a love interest for the soon-to-come-out-of-the-closet Will Horton (Chandler Massey). Fas asked us via Twitter to ask when Sonny was finally getting a lover. His answer was somewhat surprising. “It was getting hot for a minute and I thought Will was going to be my love interest but now it’s been four months and Sonny is still single. I haven’t met anyone yet. I don’t know who it’s going to be – I heard Will but now I’m hearing Chad or maybe a new character. I really hope I get a love interest soon. Sonny needs to get some love.”

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