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AMC Previews: Week of August 15


Is Babe still alive? Someone is found dead. David talks to Greenlee about Gillian and Zach confronts Griffin.


Tad lets Cara know she doesn’t need to move out, but in her mind her living with him, will only make figuring out where he and Dixie stand that much harder. Dixie however has plans to move in with JR, saying her son needs his mother. Cara tells her brother she is thinking of leaving town altogether. David overhears her making airline reservations. Dixie does her best to explain to Kathy, that building their family to last is going to take time. Tad admits to Opal that there are feelings between he and Cara. JR fills in Liza on his reasons for moving up the custody hearing. Colby calls out her brother on being a drunk. Griffin later gets a call from Cara saying, while still in Pine Valley, she needs to be alone for now.

David admits that saving lives is about his ego. Zach’s last memory of the crash is ditching the plane. Griffin checks a flustered Kendall’s heart. Zach notices the dynamic between Griffin and Kendall. The Slater family is reunited. Greenlee and Ryan have it over his lie that he is going to work, when he is really out to get info on David. Jesse tells Ryan that someone has been found dead. Ryan telling Kendall he thinks it might be possible someone is trying to cover up what really happened when Zach’s plane crashed. David wants to know if Greenlee remembers Gillian. Greenlee then confides to Kendall about seeing Leo. While Zach wants to know if Griffin is in love with his wife?


Amanda is slow to awaken after surgery. Mookie tells Jesse he’s waiting for Maya when he is found lurking in the hallway. Marissa tells Bianca it’s time to spend the night together. After making love Marissa reassures Binks, that she thinks what is happening with them is wonderful. And Jackson and Erica spend some much needed time together.


Amanda doesn’t wake up right away after surgery on Monday, August 15.

Marissa tells Bianca she wants to spend the night with her on Tuesday, August 16.

Jesse breaks the news to Ryan that someone was found dead on Wednesday, August 17.

Jesse admits he hopes David can help Angie but Ryan feels David doesn’t work miracles for the good of mankind. David asks Greenlee if she remembers Gillian on Thursday, August 11.

After making love for the first time, Marissa tells Bianca she feels great about what happened between them. When Griffin goes to check on Zach, he asks Griffin if he’s in love with Kendall on Friday, August 18.


Zach has big news. Griffin threatens David. Brot asks Natalia a question.

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