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GH Previews: Week of August 15


Jax and Sonny face off in Robin’s living room!



The week begins as Jason calls a panicked Carly asking for an update on Josslyn, but he has a seizure on the spot. Meanwhile, Sonny faces off with Jax in Robin’s living room. Robin tries to intervene between her two friends, but Sonny shoots. Later, Dante arrests his father as Jax tries to leave Port Charles on his plane. Carly comes to depend on Shawn. Dante makes it clear that no despite the family ties, from here on out, he is treating Sonny as a criminal if he breaks the law.

Jax’s plane goes down! Elsewhere, Carly tries to visit Jason but is only greeted with an anxious Sam. Carly finally hears about Jax’s plane crash. Meanwhile, Sonny faces off with Jax in his prison cell. When Carly finally comes face to face with Sonny, she smacks him across the face. A livid Carly swears Sonny out of her life for good.


At the hospital, Ethan discovers Anthony’s goon looming over an unconscious Siobhan. Abby is mistaken for a hooker by two women in the casino bathroom. Coleman and Diane undertake the dubious task of coaching Alexis and Mac’s love lives (or lack thereof). Lucky prays for Siobhan’s recovery. Skye brings Edward home after his chest pains.

Tracy and Skye face off about her past with Gino Soleito. Elizabeth asks Matt to test a suspicious prescription bottle. Siobhan asks to see Elizabeth. Sam worries Jason may have another seizure and Robin reveals a theory about Jason’s brain. Siobhan and Elizabeth discuss their relationship to Lucky and his drug addiction. Matt helps Lucky out of a tight spot with Anthony’s drug dealer. Dante gives Lulu her birthday gift — a key to the apartment and he asks her to move in.


Robin tries to diffuse the situation between Jax and Sonny, who fires on shot on Monday, August 15th.

Elizabeth helps Lucky come down off his high and tells him of Siobhan’s accident on Tuesday, August 16th.

Patrick and Matt involve Robin in their argument about Jason’s diagnosis on Wednesday, August 17th.

Skye presses Tracy for the truth about Tracy’s secret mob past on Thursday, August 18th.

At General Hospital, Epiphany puts Anthony Zacchara in his place on Friday, August 19th.


Anthony attacks one of General Hospital’s patients. Skye is keeping someone safe. Sonny stews in his greatest regrets at the hospital chapel. Maxie takes Jackal, P.I. to Georgie’s grave. Sonny and Carly fight. Matt uncovers an important document. Sam makes an important decision.

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