On set with 'Days of our Lives' star Patrick Muldoon


Patrick Muldoon (Austin) discusses his first day back on set of Days of our Lives after fifteen years and and previews what’s to come for Austin!

Last Wednesday, TVSource headed to the set of Days of our Lives, getting a sneak peek at what fans will see when the series “reboots” itself beginning September 26. The show wants fans to embrace their theme for summer, “Watch now to see how we change” and during our visit to the set of “DAYS 2.0,” we were given the opportunity to see just how much has changed. We were treated to a sneak peek at the brand new, massive Horton Square set (there are multiple new sets as well) and interviewed some of the stars. Each day for the next week we’ll publish one (maybe two) of our interviews with the stars who participated in the tour. (Editor’s Note: Photos from our interview with Patrick Muldoon are unable to be published until Thursday due to restrictions.)

Fifteen years after leaving Days of our Lives, Patrick Muldoon will reprise the role of Austin Reed beginning September 26. Returning to the set of DAYS was a bit unreal for star. “It was a hallucination up until lunch. What other circumstance do you have where you leave a job and come back fifteen years later, walking into basically a family reunion?” Muldoon got a sense of déjà vu on his first day back. “[There’s] so many [of] the same faces playing the same role. It just doesn’t happen unless it happens in this world. It was bizarre. I walked by my old dressing room, into the make up room, saw the old crew members.”

Though the return of Muldoon and co-star Christie Clark (Carrie) was announced in July, plans for the stars’ return actually began last December. “It came about by act of Alison Sweeney [Sami]” he said laughing. “I missed dinner with Christie when she was in town last year filming here for a day. I ended up meeting her here for lunch and Ali joined.” Unbeknownst to Muldoon, Sweeney channeled her alter-ego Sami and was cooking up a plan to gauge the interest of the two stars returning. “[Days of our Lives casting director] Marnie Saitta joined us, and then Ali asked us if we would come back. We both said ‘Yeah, sure’ and then didn’t hear anything. Ali tweeted, got some fan attention, and she kept checking in but not saying anything,” the actor mused. “Then I heard a little gossip and chatter from other people I know involved at the show and then I got the call.”

Muldoon wouldn’t give anything away when asked what happens when Austin and Carrie return to town. “All I can say is we come back for the Horton Town Square dedication,” teased the actor smiling. “They come to say hi and check in and then – well Salem happens.” Muldoon says fans shouldn’t expect a carbon copy of Days of our Lives from the 90’s. “The good thing is these are characters you will remember, but in new storylines. It is not more of the same.”

Many fans wonder what will happen between Austin and Sami. Even though Austin and Sami are married to other people, Muldoon says the past between the two will be addressed. “Those relationships don’t die. For Austin there is Carrie, and for Carrie there is Austin. They love each other, but Sami is a different kind of person.”

COMING TOMORROW: Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) previews the upcoming triangle between Jack, Jennifer and Daniel.

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