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Days of our Lives star Missy Reeves (Jennifer) previews the upcoming triangle between Jack, Jennifer and Daniel!

Last Wednesday, TVSource Magazine headed to the set of Days of our Lives, getting a sneak peek at what fans will see when the series “reboots” itself beginning September 26. The show wants fans to embrace their theme for summer, “Watch now to see how we change” and during our visit to the set of “DAYS 2.0,” we were given the opportunity to see just how much has changed. We were treated to a sneak peek at the brand new, massive Horton Square set (there are multiple new sets as well) and interviewed some of the stars. Each day for the next week we’ll publish one (maybe two) of our interviews with the stars who participated in the tour.

Melissa Reeves returned to Days last summer when her alter ego Jennifer Horton came home to celebrate the life and mourn the loss of her dear ‘Grams’, Alice Horton. Reeves first came onto the show in 1985 so fans have watched her, and Jennifer grow up. When she returned this time it was solo, as the love of her life Jack Deveraux (Matthew Ashford) had seemingly left her. In the year since coming back to Salem, Jennifer has taken a job at Salem University Hospital, connected with her old friend Carly (Crystal Chappell), dealt with her daughter dating a DiMera, and found love again with Daniel Jonas (Shawn Christian). Now Jack is on his way back to her. How will Jennifer react?

“I started laughing hysterically” she said of Jack’s re-entrance, which involves him falling over a ledge into a cake at the launch of the new Horton Town Square. “I was trying not [to[ and was biting the inside of my mouth to stop from laughing. [Because for Jennifer it’s not funny]” she shares. So how does Jennifer react? Well, she isn’t exactly happy. “She thought that Jack was gone forever. He just left. No phone calls, no nothing from him so she was done. That was it. She divorced him on her own, without him. She found a legal way to do that,” shared Reeves of what went down between the once strong couple. Then there is the Daniel factor.

“She completely trusts Daniel, she said ‘Okay, I am going to go ahead with this man, I am falling in love with him’ and then she had to step back because of Carly still being in love with him, and [realizes] if this is what is going to save her I need to let him go.” But when things between Daniel and Carly just do not work out, for various reasons “Her and Daniel reconnect and get on the right track again, they are doing great, and then Jack comes back… and now she doesn’t know what to do because she loves Daniel but here is this man that she has her children with and this history with, and she is really torn. She has to choose.”

But do not expect her to choose anytime soon or a happy Jack and Jen reunion because as Reeves points out, “The audience actually has really accepted her with another man, and they never have before, really.” We asked her if this was a fair, balanced triangle, and the actress was quit to point out that “[The writers] have written it really well, it is a really great triangle where people are going to wonder who she is going to go with.”

Something else that Jennifer is surprised about in the town of Salem is her aunt Maggie [Suzanne Rogers] getting serious with the notorious Victor Kiriakis [John Aniston]. As someone who grew up on the days set, Melissa was also surprised at the popular pairing. When we asked her to share a behind the scenes moment since her return, she told us about a scene between those two. “I saw them [filming a scene] kissing one day, and I said ‘Suzanne! You are kissing John. That’s weird’ but this story works, I love to watch them.” What else does Melissa love about Days? “I love the generational feel to the show” she tells us, pointing out the relationships of Melanie and Maggie, Will and Kate, Gabi and Caroline, among others, pointing out that is how it was when she was first on the show in the relationship between Jennifer and Alice.

Speaking of the late Frances Reid, Melissa shared her excitement of the new set and the tribute it pays to not only two important people to Jennifer, but Melissa herself, “We have the new set, and it is a tribute to Mac and Frances, so that really ties the history and the present together. We have that great plaque of them in there, and all of us [will be] in there doing scenes a lot. It is great.”

COMING LATER TODAY: Kate Mansi (Abigail) discusses working with Matt Ashford (Jack), the relationship between Abby and Chad, and teases what’s to come for her character!

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