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OLTL Previews: Week of August 22


Dorian, Kelly and Joey say goodbye to Llanview.



When “Gigi” is introduced as the next act in the strip joint, Rex hangs around to see who she is and discovers it’s Stacy’s sidekick Kim. Rex and Kim talk but Kim tells him she can’t explain his visions. Before Rex leaves, he sees Gigi again but this time she speaks to him and tells him not to give up. When Rex tells Natalie the story, she suggests maybe Gigi is encouraging him not to give up on his life and also makes Rex promise not to tell Clint he found Kim. Bo visits Asa’s grave on the anniversary of his death. Renee joins him and they discuss the state of family affairs and Bo admits he feels responsible for letting everyone down. Clint is upset that his house arrest prevents him from memorializing Asa in his traditional fashion. Nigel helps Clint slip out of Llanfair and he goes to the Buchanan Mansion to face a surprised Rex. Rex’s initial reaction to Clint’s intrusion is to kick him out, but when Clint explains why he’s there, Rex relents. Meanwhile, Clint’s escape has been duly noted and Bo, Joey, Kelly, and Natalie arrive at the Buchanan Mansion to retrieve Clint and they all join Clint in a toast to Asa’s memory. Meanwhile, Kim visits a mysterious friend in the hospital and makes the decision to return to Llanview and try to reunite with Clint. Kim goes to David and pleads with him not to expose the information he has on her. Clint is shocked to see Kim, but Natalie throws her out before she can explain why she is there. Rex visits Gigi’s grave and is shocked to see the date of her death is scratched out.

Jack finds Todd in front of Dorian’s open safe. Todd hides the gun he found in the safe and leaves, planning to shoot Victor. Blair discovers the gun is missing. Blair and Tea interrupt a bitter argument between Todd and Victor. Bo arrives and separates the two men. Blair and Tea try to talk sense into Victor and Todd but it’s obvious their hostility remains.


Joey and Kelly say goodbye to Llanview. Aubrey returns her engagement ring to Joey. John is moved by Kelly’s encouragement for him to reunite with Natalie. Natalie tells John that Delphina said Todd knows what was on the blank tape. The Cramer women have a surprise farewell party for Dorian. Rex tells Bo he wants to have Gigi’s body exhumed. A bedside photo of Kim’s mystery friend provides a hint of her identity.


Tea tells her husband that he’s still the man she loves. They go upstairs to make love on Monday, August 22.

Kim, made aware of Clint’s reversal of fortune, decides to risk the wrath of David, return to Llanview and take another shot at her ex-husband on Tuesday, August 23.

The Cramer women of Llanview have a surprise farewell party for Dorian on Wednesday, August 24.

Viki and Dorian reflect on their history and get locked together one last time. David, after a bittersweet farewell to his pa, rescues them. Dorian and Viki say goodbye to each other on Friday, August 26.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 29.

Someone is shot in cold blood, Mrs. Evans and Nora’s relations grow even chillier, Cutter gets an unexpected visitor from his past.

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