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GH Previews: Week of August 22


Jax plays dead as Sonny and Carly face a major schism.


The week begins as we learn that Skye is secretly keeping Jax hidden away safe and sound. Unaware of Jax’s retreat, Carly faces off with Sonny for being a murderer. Carly and Shawn talk about family while Sonny takes vigil in his biggest regrets at the General Hospital chapel. Sonny manages to get Michael on his side.

Abby calls Michael out on his irresponsible support of his dangerous mobster father over his stepfather Jax. Dante happens upon Sonny and Carly fighting about Jax. Mac comforts a grieving Alexis as she mourns a missing in action Jax. Carly spits nails as Michael takes Sonny’s side and it seems the kids are about to take center stage in another Sonny and Carly war.


Siobhan leaves Lucky a mysterious message. Jackal, P.I. becomes as interested in bakeries as Spinelli used to be in getting baked. Elizabeth fears Lucky will blame her for some of his recent issues. Skye meets up with Anthony to discuss the terms of their scheme as Johnny tries to eavesdrop. Things get ugly between Abby and Sonny.

Despite his recent seizures, Jason begins to conduct business from his hospital bed. Sam puts her foot down, and the two share a romantic moment as they plan their wedding. Drugs threaten to take a place in Lucky’s life again. Jason and Sam make an important decision. Steve questions Elizabeth and Matt about the missing drugs at the hospital. Diane and Max call it quits. Jason’s surgery takes a bad turn.


Anthony visits Siobhan at her hospital bed on Monday, August 22.

Maxie takes Jackal, P.I. to visit Georgie’s grave on Tuesday, August 23.

Skye delights at the fact that she catches Tracy red-handed trying to cover her tracks with the Gino Soleito business on Wednesday, August 24th.

Robin gives Jason and Sam a shocking explanation for Jason’s seizures on Thursday, August 25th.

Patrick and Matt fight over who will operate on Jason on Friday, August 26th.


Some of the women of Port Charles dream about Jason. Kristina is upset at Sonny. Lulu eavesdrops on Lucky and Dante. Patrick’s ego gets to Robin. Carly and Alexis discuss Jax and Sonny. Matt helps Elizabeth out of a sticky situation. Shawn and Carly get closer. Something is wrong with Kristina. Johnny puts Ethan on Skye detail. Lucky and Lulu argue.

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