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AMC Previews: Week of August 22


Zach has big news. Griffin threatens David. Brot asks Natalia a question.


Cara pulls away from a kiss with David. Kendall has nothing to say after Zach declares that he is standing by David. Greenlee promises Kendall’s marriage won’t be destroyed. David tells Zach that Griffin shouldn’t be trusted. Greenlee finds Ryan packing and wants to know what it has to do with David? Greenlee also thinks Cara is going to learn the hard way. Erica reminds David she didn’t sell him the hospital, he tells her to go ahead and take him to court, but then she will never learn who else was saved. Later Ryan confronts David and lets him know, nothing will come between he and Greenlee. Zach can tell David thinks his intentions are less than pure. Greenlee tells Kendall about the property issues, and Kendall admits there is something different about Zach. Cara asks Griffin to see the bigger picture. Opal thinks Erica played right into David’s hands by fighting with Jack. Erica remembers times with Mike Roy. Zach wants Griffin to turn over any medical records he has concerning Project Orpheus. David and Angie talk over his admiration of her and his worries about the surgery being rushed. Angie wants to know if Babe is alive?

Tad and Dixie talk about her improved health and growing relationship with Kathy. Marissa informs Tad of JR’s attempt bribe the judge. The former lovers head off together to confront their son on his drinking. Tad reassures JR of his son’s love, and JR turns to Dixie with a plea help him rid the mansion of alcohol. Tad gets an apology from Cara for disappearing, and is relieved to hear she is staying in Pine Valley, only to then learn she plans to work with David. Tad fills Jake in on that latest bit of news. Dixie has another flashback of David bending over her and wonders what her memory is hiding? Tad gets another shock when he learns Cara told David the truth. JR vows to his mother that he will prove he is worthy of his son. Tad remembers his immigration meeting and Dixie tells him it’s best if she stays out of the way.


Maya tells Angie, Mookie has gone back to California. Maya is touched by Angie’s reunion with Dixie. Erica shows up at Krystal’s intending to hear from Bianca everything she’s missed when gone, but instead ends up insisting on talking about Paris and then leaves to see Zach, before Bianca can tell her about herself and Marissa. Brot has something to ask Natalia.


Tad assures JR that his son loves him on Monday, August 22.

Angie and Maya arrive in the park for a picnic with Dixie and Maya’s touched by their reunion on Tuesday, August 23.

JR tells Dixie he is going to prove Marissa he’s worthy of his son on Wednesday, August 24.

Ryan confronts David over trying to disrupt his marriage and says nothing will come between him and Greenlee on Thursday, August 25

Brot sets up an elaborate dinner and asks Natalia to marry him on Friday, August 26.


Is Jessie ready to tell Angie the truth? Erica wants to know what Zach is hiding. “All My Children” creator Agnes Nixon stops by Pine Valley.

On set with 'Days of our Lives' star Melissa Reeves

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