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GH Previews: Week of August 29


Jason stars in the “What If?” fantasies of a handful of Port Charles women.


The week begins as Jason is still undergoing surgery under Patrick’s scalpel. During surgery, Sam, Elizabeth, Carly and Monica’s fantasize about how their lives could have gone down a different path with Jason. Not all of the women’s fantasies are rolling out happily. As Patrick desperately tries to save Jason’s life in surgery, the women continue to imagine their lives with Jason had things gone a different way. Sam, overcome with emotion, prays Jason will return to her soon so they can get married.

Maxie arrives with Sam’s engagement ring – but even Sam is not permitted to see Jason. Anthony makes big plans to “visit” Jason Morgan at the hospital. Later, Patrick’s ego crosses with Robin, and he also fights with Matt. Sonny and Anthony cross when Anthony tries to visit Jason – but Patrick gets in the way and messes things up big time. Robin and Patrick fight over his attitude change since she became chief of staff. Meanwhile, Sam sits vigil beside Jason when Spinelli makes an emotional visit. An important moment looms for Jason. Michael and Edward bond as they await news of Jason.


Tracy finds Skye with her hands in the Quartermaine safe once again. Matt helps Elizabeth by replacing the missing drugs she used to treat Lucky. Lulu overhears Dante and Lucky talking about him being high recently. Alexis confronts Sonny about Jax. Dante gets some advice from Olivia about Lulu who is getting some advice from Tracy about Dante. Later, Olivia has some loving words with Lulu. Kristina and Michael fight about Sonny. Matt and Elizabeth discuss the additional missing drugs. Meanwhile, Lucky and Lulu have a bitter fight about his addiction.

Matt has a big professional project in the works. Lulu is hurt that Dante lied to her about Lucky – and she makes an important decision. Tracy grows suspicious when Johnny comes looking for Skye. Anthony has more on Tracy than she anticipated. After hearing Ethan and Skye flirt and downplay her, Kristina flees the scene crying but it’s clear she is not well for other reasons. Michael tells Abby he has a major decision coming about ELQ. Shawn shares news of Jax to Carly. Johnny hires Ethan to find out more about Skye. Spinelli may be onto something at Luzetta’s bakery.


Johnny pulls a surprise visit on Skye, but she gets the best of him on Monday, August 29th.

Kristina blows up at Sonny but it is clear there is something seriously wrong with her on Tuesday, August 30th.

Carly and Alexis discuss the subject of Jax and Sonny and things get nasty on Wednesday, August 31st.

Sonny pays Anthony a private visit on Thursday, September 1st.

Carly refuses Sonny a visit with Morgan and reveals she has put the boy in military school to keep him away from his father’s influence on Friday, September 2nd.


Michael takes on Anthony Zacharra. Lucky hits an emotional wall. Maxie has bad news. Jason and Sam face an important moment. Carly and Shawn bump into each other at Kelly’s. Matt and Elizabeth share a picnic. Sonny and Carly clash. Patrick has important news at the hospital. Michael faces a crucial decision.

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