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OLTL Previews: Week of August 29


Victor’s enemies circle like sharks


Tensions mount and Victor’s enemies are circling like sharks. A rare moment of remorse gives Blair the opening to talk to Jack about his guilt over Gigi’s death, but Jack becomes defensive and deflects onto Todd. Jack overhears Blair leaving a message for Tea warning that Todd has a gun. Meanwhile Tea is with Victor trying to calm him down and prevent an escalation of hostility between him and Todd. Irene summons Victor to the police station, and offers to help him if he’ll get her released. Victor expresses his intentions to tell John the truth about Liam. Brody contemplates his next steps. Shane asks Brody to help him get revenge. Tea tells Todd about the meeting with Victor and Irene. Rex gets a gun. Jack and Blair warn Victor that Todd has a gun, but Victor isn’t intimidated. Tomas tells Tea he’s determined to get Victor out of her life. Victor is shot. Brody finds evidence that implicates Jack. Brody looks increasingly guilty and behaves more erratically, forcibly removing Blanca from the property when she asks too many questions. Brody questions John about the investigation into the shooting, but John remains tight-lipped. Rex and Shane grow suspicious of one another when they learn of the shooting. John is surprised when a primary suspect turns himself in for questioning.

Bo reluctantly agrees to exhume Gigi’s body. When they open the coffin, Shane arrives on the scene and is horrified. Later Kim makes an appearance at Gigi’s grave and makes some cryptic remarks. Rex tells Natalie about the exhumation and is trying to put it all behind him, but he remains disturbed by the visions he had and what they could have meant. Kim returns to Kentucky and tells her mysterious friend about her visit with Clint.


Rehashing the same argument with Jessica prompts Natalie to step up plans to move, right away. Cutter gets a new job and receives a surprise visit from someone from his past. Starr and Baz make music, and Starr and James make romance. Bo tells Nora he wants to raise Destiny’s baby but when they approach Mrs. Evans, things go from bad to worse.


Irene threatens Victor. Victor promises to expose the truth about Liam’s paternity on Monday, August 29.

An intruder enters Victor’s home and someone is shot in cold blood on Tuesday, August 30.

At the Buenos Dias, the Evanses and Danielle wait out the rain and have dessert, but Mrs. Evans is still bitter about Nora’s wanting Destiny to have the baby and let her raise it. Bo and Nora enter and it’s tense on Wednesday, August 31.

Brody crosses with John at the station and then privately expresses his relief that the truth of Liam’s paternity remains a secret on Thursday, September 1.

Llanview wakes up to news of the shooting, and that the police has a suspect wanted for questioning. Viki confronts her brother on Friday, September 2.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of August 29.

John wants answers, Cutter’s secret is revealed, Cristian and Jessica kiss, and Erin Torpey returns.

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