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OLTL Previews: Week of September 5


Cristian and Jessica reconnect.


John interrogates Todd whose reliance on Louie proves to be a big mistake. As John prepares to follow-up on Todd’s claim that he gave the gun to Louie, Tea barges in and slaps Todd. Todd goads Tea about falling for the guy she thought was him. John, Brody and Natalie go over forensics reports and John points out that the weapon is a 9mm, the same weapon Brody carries. John tasks Brody with following up with Louie. John advises Todd to get a lawyer and Todd challenges Tea to take his case. Victor’s secretary tells Natalie about Brody’s argument with Victor, but Natalie doesn’t share that information with John. Echo finds Rex with a gun and confronts him, and Shane overhears. Tea agrees to be Todd’s lawyer. Todd begs Starr to believe in his innocence. Tomas slips up under John’s interrogation. Echo has realized that Rex’s gun was fired and intends to dispose of it and while checking out alternatives runs into Roxy who is looking to ditch her stuffed Beaver/Badger/Nutria, by the name of Morris. Echo has an idea about how to dispose of Rex’s gun and Cutter unwittingly benefits. Baz tells Starr that Tomas doesn’t have an alibi, but they may have a record deal courtesy of sleazy Rick.

Cristian talks with Jessica about how first loves are sometimes “the one” and their walk down memory lane ends in a kiss. Cris and Jessica’s kiss forces them to admit that they still have feelings for one another, and Cris shows Jessica a love letter he once wrote her. Meanwhile, Ford is fantasizing about Tess challenging him to fight for her. Ford goes to find Jessica to see if there is still a chance for him to find true love and sees her with Cris. Cris leaves and goes to the diner where he receives an unexpected message. Ford explains to Jessica that he can’t get Tess out of his thoughts, or his heart and they have an honest discussion that leads to a mutual understanding.


Cutter is surprised to see Kim and makes a shocking revelation. Aubrey learns more about Kim’s history, but is left in the dark about something that happened at the Spotted Pony. Aubrey and Kim come face to face. Blair is Tea’s rock. Clint agrees to help Kim.


Encore Episode (original airdate 4/6/11) – Gigi and Rex talk Shane down from the roof and Matthew confesses to Bo and Nora that he killed Eddie on Monday, September 5.

Cristian tells Jessica about Rama’s suggestion that one’s first love may be their true love on Tuesday, September 6.

John interrupts Tea and Todd and tells Todd they weren’t able to check out his gun story because Louie is MIA on Wednesday, September 7.

Erin Torpey returns for a very special encounter that will change someone’s life on Thursday, September 8.

Natalie tells Brody what Victor’s secretary told her. Echo passes through Angel Square on the morning of a flea market, intent on disposing of the gun on Friday, September 9.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of September 12.

Natalie helps Todd find his way, Todd’s overtures to Jack end badly, Rex sees Gigi again, and Viki grows concerned about Clint’s relationship with Kim.

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