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GH Previews: Week of September 5


Michael plans for his future and Anthony plans to make trouble…


The week begins with both Michael and Patrick threatening Anthony Zacchara. Unphased, Anthony decides to teach Dr. Drake a lesson in manners… or more. Later, Michael and Jason discuss his future. Is Michael still intent on a future in the mob?

Skye attempts to flee town, but Anthony blocks her travel plans. Skye gets help from Ethan but will Ethan be bold enough to move against Anthony? Both Michael and Abby and Carly and Shawn discuss career paths. Later, Carly heads to Jason’s penthouse. Ethan convinces Edward to help Skye. Sonny and Carly face off with Jason running interference.


Lucky hits an emotional wall. Elizabeth and Cameron bond over the loss of Jake. Maxie has bad news. Lulu packs up her stuff at Dante’s apartment. Maxie tries to convince her to reconsider. Maxie hopes Jason and Sam will make Spinelli their best man. Dante tries to woo Lulu.

The Davis women pull together to support both Sam and Kristina. Lucky tries to work hard for his redemption. Elizabeth catches a break on the drug case, but runs into some trouble. Sonny and Alexis talk about Kristina. Robin reassigns a surgery from Patrick to Matt which pits the brothers against each other once more.


General Hospital airs an encore of the August 8th episode on Monday, September 5th.

Steve and Olivia have a sexy date at the hospital but Epiphany serves her usual role in these situations on Tuesday, September 6th.

Ethan gives Kristina something to look forward to on Wednesday, September 7th.

Matt and Elizabeth share a rooftop picnic and he tells her a secret on Thursday, September 8th.

An angry Patrick and an unstable Sonny have a run-in on Friday, September 9th.


Sonny lashes out on Johnny. Kate returns to Port Charles. Maxie is in jeopardy. Robin and Patrick have a good time. Dante questions Anthony about the bakery. Kristina turns her father away. Jason makes an important decision about the wedding. Things between Anthony and Patrick get heated. Lulu and Ethan have a talk about Luke. Sam’s wedding dress arrives.

AMC Previews: Week of September 5

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