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AMC Previews: Week of September 5

Tad reflects on his life with the Martins and is thankful for the life they gave him.


Verla Grubbs makes her way back to Pine Valley . Erica remembers working with Mike Roy and later searches for him. Dixie holds out hope for a life with Tad. David is almost ready to return two more patients to those who love and miss them. Colby reaches out to Brooke.

Tad lets Jake know how grateful his that adoption, made them brothers. Jake quickly ends an adoption fact finding phone call when Amanda walks in. Later Amanda leans on Cara, who offers to help out by setting them up with Children of Hope which relocates children orphaned by war. Cara has her owns worries thinking that her cancer is back. And is later stunned by her test results.


Greenlee lets Kendall in on her seduction plans. Angie learns the cells were implanted and now must wait to see if it will give her back her sight. JR admits he lost both the house and the company. News of the foreclosure spreads through town. Jesse wants Ryan to stop trying to take down David.


Encore Episode on Monday, September 5.

Carol Burnet makes a guest appearance and reprises her role as Verla Grubbs on Tuesday, September 6.

Tad points out that if Ruth and Joe never adopted him he would have missed out on having the best brother a man could ask for in Jake on Wednesday, September 7.

Scott tells JR he’s been told the house is in foreclosure and JR admits he lost both the house and the company on Thursday, September 8.

Cara is shocked by the results of her test on Friday, September 9.


Colby turns to her mother. David’s latest patients are revealed. Julia Barr returns as Brooke English.