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AMC Previews: Week of August 29


Will Jesse tell Angie the truth?


Angie remembers Jessie’s forgiveness when she gave up Frankie, and how he was there to help her find him. Angie wants to know what happened to her baby. Later she reels from the loss of her little girl. Jessie let’s Brot know, that even though Angie now knows the truth, to preserve his relationship with Natalia, and his badge, his name was left out. At the end of the week Angie confronts Jessie about her cancelled surgery, and why she wasn’t consulted.

David wants to know what Cara gets out of working with him. Erica is restless with thoughts of David’s taunts. Cara tells Tad she isn’t going to the immigration interview. He reminds her that means deportation. Tad recalls the pain of David talking Dixie into leaving town while pregnant. Erica shows Opal the file and wonders if Mike Roy is alive. Cara is worried about her growing exhaustion, she covers with Tad, but confides in David her concern that the cancer is back.


JR missed his son. Zach needs to know if Kendall can keep his secret. Marissa tells Bianca that JR plans to stir up trouble for them. Marissa doesn’t give into blackmail. Opal gets a blast from the past when Sam Brady sends her a text. Agnes has a message from Mona for Erica.


Angie recounts giving up Frankie and how Jesse forgave her and helped find him on Monday, August 29.

Zach asks Kendall if she trusts him enough to keep a secret on Tuesday, August 30.

“All My Children” creator Agnes Nixon makes a special guest appearance on Wednesday, August 31.

Marissa refuses to give into JR’s blackmail on Thursday, September 1.

Cara confides in David that she is worried her cancer has come back on Friday, September 2.


Carol Burnet as Verla Grubbs makes a guest appearance. David says two more patients are well enough to come home. Marissa offers JR The help he needs.

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