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OLTL Previews: Week of October 31


Matchmaker. Matchmaker. Make me a match.


Tina tells Natalie the tale of her wedding to Max Holden and explains that she was really still so in love with Cord that when it came time to say her vows, she spoke Cord’s name instead of Max’s. Natalie is appalled and lashes out at Tina, but Viki understands Natalie’s strong reaction to the story. Natalie goes to find Tina and apologize. Roxy tells Tina about John. Roxy finds John and persuades him to go to Natalie while she is alone. John finds Natalie in her wedding dress, but before he can tell her he loves her, Brody interrupts. Brody tells John that once he and Natalie are married, he wants John to keep his distance.

Todd and his pint-sized superhero side-kick, Spidey Sam, are reunited. Sam has picked up Jack’s bad habit of calling Todd “Scarface” which spurs a conversation about Victor and Todd. Sam invites Todd to go trick or treat with him and Blair, and Todd tries to muster his courage to make a declaration to Blair. The next day Viki prods Todd about his evening with Blair but he changes the subject to her relationship with Clint. Both admit their reservations and agree to avoid pressuring one another about their complicated love lives. Clint is uncertain about how far to go to find Kim, meanwhile Cutter intercepts a letter from Kim to Clint and substitutes a reply that he has penned. Cord is with Clint when he reads the phony letter and suggests that Clint’s romantic interest lies more with Viki. Blair expresses her internal turmoil over Todd and Tomas to Starr. Tomas promises Tea that he will put his CIA skills to use to find Victor’s killer. Meanwhile, Tomas tells Blair he’s determined to find out who killed Victor, and when he informs her that he plans to start by taking a closer look at Todd, Blair objects strenuously. Tomas assures Blair that he’s not accusing Todd, but he really has nowhere else to start. The court overturns Victor’s will. When Tea tells Nora about Tomas’s investigation, Nora confesses she is not convinced that Todd is innocent. Jack discovers Todd at the Sun’s offices. Todd tries to convince Jack to work with him, but Jack leaves and runs into Vimal’s sister, Neela, on the docks. Tea encourages Dani to get to know her father. Tea may be pregnant. Louie escapes from Irene’s henchmen and makes his way to Todd.


Vimal asks for Rama’s help in finding his runaway sister. Aubrey and Rex foil Cutter’s scam, but Cutter remains determined to get his hands on Buchanan cash. Rex almost finds Stacey at the Minute Man Motel. Nora helps Destiny overcome her insecurity about her plans for the future. Ford seems to be falling in love with Jessica.


Natalie and Brody’s engagement party continues, with Rex at the door greeting Cutter and Stacy (disguised in costumes). Tina finds the picture of Gigi on Rex’s mantle and identifies her to Cord as the woman she saw at Llanfair on Monday, October 31.

Rex hears about problems in the stable, assumes it’s Cutter, goes in armed. It’s Tina and Cord, who are rudely awakened after a night of lovemaking on Tuesday, November 1.

Nora finds Destiny trying to write her college essay, and Destiny’s discouraged about how she’ll be a single mom and go to college on Wednesday, November 2.

Dani notices Tea isn’t eating. Tea urges Dani to get to know Todd. Destiny arrives with some strange food choices to satisfy her pregnant cravings and Tea gets sick on Thursday, November 3.

Brody tells John that after he and Natalie get married, he doesn’t want to see any more intense scenes between Natalie and John on Friday, November 4.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of November 7.

Natalie and Jessica’s relationship suffers another setback, Clint and Viki almost kiss, Todd watches as Blair and Tomas head upstairs to make love, Bo and Nora share a dance before the wedding guests arrive.

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