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DAYS Previews: Week of October 31


Marlena comes up with a plan to help John; Maggie drops a bombshell on Daniel; John’s legal issues divides his family.


Bo arranges an impromptu renewing of their vows for him and Hope. Quinn reveals he wants to open a spa in the town square. Sami worries that John’s mind has been messed with so much, who knows what he’s capable of now. Marlene hypnotize John so they can learn the truth. Kate tells Stefano she has a plan to take down Madison. Jack begins to feel the effects of the post-traumatic stress.
Don’t Miss: Carrie enlists Rafe’s help in John’s case on Thursday, November 3. A blizzard delays Jack and Jennifer’s first date.

Monday – Marlena and EJ have a tense standoff at the Halloween party. Brady argues with Nicole and Madison. Maggie drops a bombshell on Daniel. Hope convinces herself that Alice had more secrets. Sami and Rafe fight about John.

Tuesday – Quinn comes back to town and blackmails EJ. Daniel deals with Maggie’s revelation. Victor privately reveals he may know more than he’s letting on about Maggie’s eggs. Quinn wants to open a spa in the twon square. Chad tries to reassure an angry Abigail.

Wednesday – Madison and Brady’s attraction unnerves Sami and makes her fear for her job. Rafe grows tired of being unemployed and having Austin as a houseguest. Kate tells Stefano she has a plan to take down Madison. Stefano makes Abe an offer.

Thursday – John fears he may have been brainwashed. Will suspects his website was hacked. Gabi and Carrie come to Rafe’s rescue. Bo arranges an impromptu vow renewal for him and Hope.

Friday – Jack and Jennifer have a rocky first date. Marlena hypnotizes John so they can learn the truth. Things get awkward when Sami and Austin firmly take one side regarding John’s case, and Rafe and Carrie take the other.


Brady and Madison are forced to spend more time together than they planned. Chad and Melanie’s friendship continues to grow.

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