Day of Days 2011: An Interview With John Aniston & Suzanne Rogers


John Aniston (Victor) and Suzanne Rogers (Maggie) speak with Soap Opera Source at Days of our Lives‘ fourth annual Day of Days fan event.

TVSource headed out to Los Angeles for Days of our Lives‘ fourth annual “Day of Days” fan event. The free (yes FREE) event was a chance for fans to mingle with some of their favorite stars, and gave the press a chance to have some face to face time with the cast.

“I don’t think Days thought that would happen!” exclaimed Suzanne Rogers about the surprise pairing – and popularity – of Maggie and Victor. “I think it took the audience by surprise a little bit, but I think it did defiantly take our writers [and producers] by surprise because they didn’t count on that at all.” The actors agree that a lot of the interest came from the fact that they had been on the show for so many years, but never had a story together.

John Aniston talked about two of Victor’s relationships on the show outside of Maggie. The actor pointed out that the Victor and Melanie relationship is ever evolving and that “Victor likes her — her feistiness.” He also commented on the Victor and Bo relationship, saying “The few times we have had interaction it has been really interesting” and that he would like to see more of that dynamic explored. Suzanne interjected that “it’s a prickly relationship” between Bo and Victor as you never know how it is going to go.

Right now Victor and Maggie are in a pretty happy place, as they got married this week on screen, but how will Maggie react when she finds out that Victor played more of a hand in her eggs being used by Daniel’s parents? “It will be upsetting to know, [no matter to what degree] it is going to be” Suzanne said. John questioned this, stating “I don’t know why she should be upset, I didn’t have any relationship with her at the time” prompting Suzanne to respond “I think that he took her eggs and gave them to this couple and that will upset her.” Aniston jokes, “[Victor] wanted some quality material!”

Suzanne also took a moment to praise the use of Alice in the storylines. “There are more secrets coming. How nice to honor her [in that way].” She also shared about a recent scene that made her emotional, “in the Christmas show, they had me sitting in Alice’s chair. It was just [pauses]… overwhelming. No one ever sat in that chair other than the two of them, really. I said ‘you really want me to sit here?’ The moment I sat in it – the whole thing with the Horton ornaments and putting them on the tree… I was overwhelmed and it was hard for me. Kristian Alfonso looked at me and Missy went and got a tissue.”

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