Day of Days 2011: An Interview With Peter Reckell & Melissa Reeves


Peter Reckell (Bo) and Missy Reeves (Jennifer) speak with Soap Opera Source at <em>Days of our Lives</em>’ fourth annual Day of Days fan event.

TVSource headed out to Los Angeles for Days of our Lives‘ fourth annual “Day of Days” fan event. The free (yes FREE) event was a chance for fans to mingle with some of their favorite stars, and gave the press a chance to have some face to face time with the cast.

Alice’s Secrets is one thing that nearly every days fan is buzzing about. It is one that both honors the history of the show and takes some creative liberties in it as well. We wondered if the story lines surrounding Alice had brought up memories of the late Frances Reid. “All the time,” said Peter enthusiastically. “We keep talking about different memories. I have always loved Frances and to have this reminder of her energy recognized is really cool.” Reeves agreed. “We are on that set all the time. The Horton house is the same set [as it has always been]. Just being on that set and seeing the chair that she always sat in we feel like she is with us. She would love it, that [Alice] is a part of all these story lines. She was an amazing woman.”

Talk turned to that of the first secret to be revealed, that Maggie Horton is the biological mother of Daniel Jonas. “I loved his response. It wasn’t the whole ‘yeah, ok’,” Peter told us, pointing out that for Daniel he had been raised by a woman he thought to be his biological mother, so he shouldn’t just accept this and be ok with it.

Missy pointed out that the contrast between his reaction and Melanie’s is a great one, because for Melanie this is everything she could have ever wanted due to her already close relationship with Maggie. We wondered if Shawn and Missy thought their characters were now related, and Missy explained: “At first Shawn and I were like uh-oh, are we related? But it turns out that we are not related at all,” prompting Peter to ask “Have you explained that to the audience?” to which Missy said “No, we have not.. It’s a big puzzle our family tree!” So will Daniel being the son of someone Jennifer has been so close to her entire life have an impact on the triangle with Jack? Missy tell us “We have not really played that dynamic yet, but I am sure it will come into play in the future – when [Jennifer finally chooses between Daniel and Jack].”

Peter Reckell had nothing but praise for the recent scenes where Bo and Hope reconnect and recommit in the Kiriakis living room explaining, “That is obviously something the characters needed because the circumstances over the last couple years have really pulled them apart. Looking back it really makes since because the event with Zach was such a painful thing.” He went on to say while they are the most important people in each others lives; they were also a reminder of the tragedy. “I don’t know that we have overcome everything, but we have committed to each other and to overcome those issues. You need that commitment first.”

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