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GH Previews: Week of November 21


The residents of Port Charles prepare for Thanksgiving, but the dark cloud of the evil Franco looms over some of the celebrations.


Sam decides to try and find a distraction from thinking about her ordeal with Franco. Monica extends an invitation to her and Jason for a Quartermaine Thanksgiving, Sam thinks it is a good idea as she has been seeking a distraction from thinking about Franco, unaware that it could push Jason to his breaking point.

As Carly and Shawn plan to spend their first Thanksgiving together, Jason warns her that Franco is still on the loose and he may have plans for Josslyn. His warning comes to fruition by weeks end. Meanwhile, Olivia’s turkey day feast preparation is put on hold for a distraught Lulu. Lulu finds comfort in her love for Dante, leading the couple to prepare dinner together. When Dante heads out for dessert, he runs into a burglar…


As Kate suspects Sonny’s recent trip is for a divorce she is soon questioned by Dante on what she knows about his shooting.  Matt and Maxie end up in each other’s arms. Johnny has an encounter with Delores.

Tracey is disappointed when Luke goes missing. Anthony takes advantage of the situation by hitting on her. Later, she is surprised by one suitor. Lucky spies Luke and ponders if he is drinking.


Maxie and Matt have a fitting for the “Woman Behind the Man” feature on Monday, November 21st.

Dante’s interrogation of Kate is put to a stop by Sonny on Tuesday, November 22nd.

Jason completely loses it at the Quartermaine Thanksgiving on Wednesday November 23rd.

On Thursday, November 24th watch an encore of Jason and Sam’s wedding.

Friday, November 25th: No Show.


Sam attempts to calm Jason. Carly calls Shawn out. Lulu responds to Olivia and Steve’s help. Franco is up to his old tricks again. Mac turns to Alexis in fear that Robin and Maxie will need a lawyer. Elizabeth shocks Luke.

OLTL Previews: Week of November 21

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