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OLTL Previews: Week of November 21


Llanview families celebrate Thanksgiving and someone dies.


Expecting to find Louie at the warehouse, Tomas is surprised when Todd is waiting for him. Todd refuses to allow Tomas to steal his life from him again and reveals his plans. Tomas is prepared to escape when Todd’s accomplice steps forward. Tomas is forced to appeal to Todd’s conscience. Meanwhile, Blair tells Starr that she and Tomas are a couple and explains that Todd’s explosive temper proves that he has not changed. Starr defends her father, but understands when Blair insists she just can’t continue the same pattern with Todd that has proven so destructive before. Blair goes to find Tomas, but runs into Tea. They discuss Blair’s relationship with Tomas and Tea gives her blessing and a warning to Blair not to hurt Tomas. Blair invites Tea and Tomas to spend Thanksgiving with her family.

Brody is desperate to keep Liam, and pulls a gun on Natalie and John before John talks him down. John and Natalie do not judge Brody and their compassion persuades him to place Liam in Natalie’s arms without further chaos. John and Natalie return to Llanfair where Clint and Viki welcome them home for Thanksgiving. Roxy continues to press John to take action. Natalie and Jessica share a moment’s closeness. Jessica visits Brody who is touched by her show of support. Roxy brings Shane to visit Brody.


Matthew remains in a coma, but narrates the Thanksgiving episode. Bo and Nora share a turkey sandwich by Matthew’s bedside. A new rumor has hit the internet about Starr and Nate having an affair. Cutter and his new ally, Alex Olanov, attempt to thwart Rex’s efforts to see Stacy, but when Cutter emerges from the Doctor’s office with a patient wrapped in bandages, Aubrey removes the bandages. Someone dies.


Todd can’t let Tomas ruin his life by telling those he loves that he killed Victor. Todd reveals his plan to Tomas on Monday, November 21.

Bo and Nora receive a visit from the newly re-elected Mayor Finn, who reminds them of her campaign promise and proceeds to fire Bo on Tuesday, November 22.

Although still unconscious, Matthew narrates the story of Thanksgiving, 2011. After their harrowing ordeal finding Liam, Natalie and John return to Llanfair with their son on Wednesday, November 23.

Thursday, November 24: ENCORE EPISODE.

Friday, November 25: NETWORK PRE-EMPTION.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of November 28.

John and Natalie prepare to discuss the status of their relationship, Todd gets close to Blair by offering his support to Tomas, Todd makes an unexpected discovery about his son, Rex and Aubrey and another unlikely duo share kisses.

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