Day of Days 2011: An Interview With Shawn Christian & Molly Burnett


Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Molly Burnett (Melanie) discuss the recent maternity changes to their character’s family tree on Days of our Lives.

Shawn Christian (Daniel) and Molly Burnett’s (Melanie) characters have had similar experiences since they joined Days of our Lives. Both Daniel and Melanie were introduced with relatively minor connections to a character on the canvas (Daniel as Victor’s godson; Melanie as Max’s sister), only to later learn their parentage wasn’t what it seemed to be! In 2010 Melanie was revealed to be the biological daughter of Dr. Carly Manning (Crystal Chappell) and Dr. Daniel Jonas; and Daniel was recently revealed to be the son of Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers), making Melanie, Maggie’s granddaughter!

While discussing the newest twist in their family trees, it was mentioned that both are now half-way related to a good portion of residents in Salem. “And dated half of them [too],” joked Burnett. “Here’s the thing. Had [any of the characters] known they were related before they dated, it probably would have happened differently.” It should be pointed out that their characters are only related to Maggie (who is only a Horton via marriage). “We have managed to navigate the family tree,” laughed Christian.

Daniel hasn’t taken the news of his true origins very well. “They created their own family [dynamic],” said Christian of Daniel and Melanie’s relationship. “And now Maggie is trying to give them some sense of compass of what a family is.” The actor says Daniel isn’t even sure if he’s ok with Maggie being his mother. Daniel’s attitude has created some issues between Melanie and her father as a result. “Melanie is upset with Daniel for that,” tells Burnett.

The actors both feel the stances taken by their characters make sense. “Daniel grew up with a mom and dad. Now he’s being told otherwise.” Christian says Daniel wanted a paternity test not only for himself, but to protect Melanie. “We went through something similar to this [with Carly]. Daniel is very protective and doesn’t want Melanie led astray,” he states. However for Melanie, Maggie was already so close to her and now to have her as a grandmother is amazing. Both stars enjoy the twist because of dynamic between Melanie and Daniel. Both can make mistakes and the other will not judge them.

It’s not all family drama for the Jonas clan. Daniel’s involved in a love triangle with Jennifer (Melissa Reeves) and Jack (Matt Ashford); and Melanie’s inadvertently drawn into problems between Chad (Casey Deidrick) and Abigail (Kate Mansi). “She’s so impulsive,” says Burnett discussing Melanie’s new complicated love life. “Some random guy stars making out with her at a Halloween party and she’s like ‘Sweet’!” laughs the actress. “It is a family gene. I am proud,” said Christian jokingly.

The actors played coy as to what’s coming up for the father and daughter, only saying “You’ll have to tune in.”

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