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GH Previews: Week of December 12


Lisa’s murder is solved. Or is it? Dante is one step ahead of Olivia as she searches for evidence her son has already found.


Dante is one step ahead of Olivia as she searches for evidence her son has already found. Olivia takes on an accusatory Delores, and Dante discovers that the key to the PCPD evidence room (that Delores swiped last week) is missing. Later, Steve and Maggie talk about Lisa’s murder. Maggie catches Robin in an intense moment. Later, Robin goes to Jason for help. Robin wants to arrange for her own disappearance. Does Robin want to skip town because she killed Lisa?

Maxie has to wait her turn for attention after Matt finishes with a patient. What secret are Matt and Maxie not sharing with one another? Did one of them kill Lisa? Dante questions Anthony when he uncovers new blood evidence at the crime scene. Dante gets a confession from an unlikely suspect and finds a dead body. Mac, Delores, Dante and Ronnie talk about the logistics of closing the Lisa Niles’ murder case. Delores is doubtful they got the real killer. Meanwhile, Anthony curiously calls Maxie. Later, Johnny catches Delores illicitly entering the evidence room at the PCPD.


Ethan, newly dubbed caretaker of Wyndemere, gets a clue from the Woman in White. Jason is furious behind bars as Michael tries to sympathize. Will Jason tell Alexis or Robin what Franco did to Sam? Michael gets unexpected news. Elizabeth comes in contact with another patient at Shadybrook, is it someone she already knows? Michael becomes frantic. Once again, Robin realizes something is medically wrong with Jason. Matt confronts Lucky about Elizabeth’s voluntary check-in at Shadybrook. Matt visits Elizabeth while Lucky and Maggie trade spiritual experiences.

A concerned Michael rushes off to Chicago with Sam. Shawn gives Carly important news about Jason. Shawn has family history. Carly discovers the DVD from Franco and pockets it. Alexis realizes Jason is distracted by something going on in his brain. Jason erupts in fury over Franco’s message. Sonny and Kate bond over their past. To tighten her grasp on Matt, Maxie tries to warm up Elizabeth’s home for Lucky. Elizabeth, Ewen and Matt get acquainted. Ethan and Lucky discuss the power of love. Sam breaks down as she comforts Michael. Monica grows concerned about Jason’s anger.


Sam fights feelings of disgust and anger as Franco’s words haunt her on Monday, December 12th.

Elizabeth gets a visit from Lucky at Shadybrook and the two fall into their old patterns on Tuesday, December 13th.

Robin has a heart to heart with Jason on Wednesday, December 14th.

After a chat with Maxie, Lulu asks Dante if he still has the ring on Thursday, December 15th.

Lulu poses a question of her own to Dante, ending in an announcement on Friday December 16th.


Matt interferes with a possible Christmas family event for Elizabeth and Lucky. Maxie takes matters into her own hands. Lucky and Elizabeth argue. Carly takes Shawn to GH. Dante and Lulu visit lower Manhattan. Sonny and Carly console Michael. Dante and Lulu’s special day sees a surprise. Robin gets an important call. Jason and Sam renew their love.

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