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OLTL Previews: Week of December 12


Tea is shocked to learn of Tomas’s confession to Victor’s murder.


Tea is shocked to learn of Tomas’s confession to Victor’s murder. John sends a cop to pick up Blair’s computer for evidence. Tea continues to behave as though Tomas’s confession confirms his guilt, but she uses the opportunity to needle Todd. As Blair and Danielle come to grips with Tomas’s guilt, Tea resists the urge to ease their pain by telling them about the suspicions against Todd. Starr is relieved to learn that Todd has been cleared and Todd comes clean with his daughter about his feelings for Blair. Starr encourages him to take things slow, but suggests that a phone call isn’t too aggressive. Todd calls Blair and says there is something he needs to tell her. John and Tea hope that the results of the examination of Blair’s computer can lead them to Tomas. John and Tea trick Calmar. Tea has a crisis with her pregnancy and John is there to support her.

Roxy is determined to save her favorite soap opera from cancellation and holds a meeting in John’s room with Nigel, Shaun and Destiny to develop their plan of action. John takes time from working his cases to spend some time with his son. When Natalie brings Liam to John, there is some awkwardness because neither is admitting their feelings. Roxy tells her comrades about the saga of John and Natalie. When John interrupts the cadre of soap savers, Nigel relocates the meeting to the Lord Library. When left alone with Liam, John talks about his love for Natalie. John asks Natalie to stay.

Paris, Texas, is the place to be for the citizens of Llanview who are not wrapped up in Tomas’s disappearance or the efforts to save Fraternity Row. Still convinced she is Stacy, Gigi manages to avoid Rex’s and Viki’s detection, but returns to Cutter and shares that she can’t shake the feeling she’s been at the Bon Jour before. Gigi narrowly avoids coming face to face with Shane and Rex at the motel, which triggers memories of being there with Shane. Viki gives into her impulse to return to bygone days and slips back into waiting tables. Her first customer is a blast from her past. Meanwhile, back in Llanview, Clint and Kim put their heads together and figure out they’ve been duped by Cutter. Kim insists if it weren’t for David and Cutter she would still be Mrs. Clint Buchanan and tells Clint to make up his mind about what he wants.


Jessica and Ford, and Shaun and Vivian shop for their Christmas Trees. Bo and Nora bring Matthew home and receive a surprising welcome. Destiny is upset when Matthew admits he is apprehensive about being a father. Todd manages to thaw Jack a bit and wrangle an invitation to spend Christmas with his family. Natalie and Jessica begin to restore their relationship while trimming the Christmas tree together.


John confesses to Liam his love for Natalie. John invites Natalie to stay on Monday, December 12.

Charlie thinks Viki is afraid of letting another man hurt her the way he did. Charlie encourages her to go after Clint on Tuesday, December 13.

Destiny arrives and asks the question that’s been on her mind since Matthew recovered: Is he going to be a part of their baby’s life? on Wednesday, December 14.

Todd starts to plant the seeds of a future relationship with Blair when Jack storms in on him on Thursday, December 15

Todd takes advantage of the truce he’s forced on Jack to finagle a holiday afternoon with his whole family on Friday, December 16.

SNEAK PEEK: Week of December 19.

David comforts Viki, the truth about Stacy is revealed, Shane draws closer to extracting justice for Gigi.

GH Previews: Week of December 12

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