DAYS Previews: Week of January 9

Will’s attempt at blackmail ends up an epic failure when EJ turns the tables.


Victor finds a new CEO for Titan. Bo and Hope realize Alice had a partner with her safe deposit box. Nicole is suspicious of EJ and Will’s relationship. Jack feels empathy toward Daniel. Abby catches Chad and Melanie together. Sami has a brilliant new idea at work. Can’t Miss – Things heat up between Carrie and Rafe on Thursday and EJ pulls Will deeper into his circle on Friday.

Monday – Will’s blackmail attempt on EJ blows up in his face when EJ turns the tables on him. Bo and Hope continue to deal with their marital issues. Jack puts his own demons aside and realizes Daniel’s issues may be more important than his own.

Tuesday – Victor realizes when one door closes, another opens. Chad and Abigail turn to unlikely sources for relationship advice. Melanie makes a tough decision.

Wednesday – As Sami’s guilt weighs heavily on her, a new task brings Will a wave of guilt all his own. Kate and Nicole become suspicious of the people around them. Madison tells Brady about her job offer.

Thursday – Things heat up between Rafe and Carrie. An innocent encounter causes Will to sweat. Bo and Hope continue to pursue Alice’s mystery. Abigail lands a job.

Friday – Will and Nicole receive gifts from EJ. Sami gets the shock of a lifetime. Brady and Madison have a couples massage. Hope realizes Alice had a secret partner.