GH Previews: Week of January 23

Sam and Jason prepare for the baby’s paternity; Sonny drops a bombshell that could have devastating consequences.


Sonny unleashed a major bombshell that has devastating effects in Port Charles. Carly realizes she is the blame for Sonny’s unsettling news.  Johnny and Anthony have it out over the reveal that Claudia is his mother. As tensions rise between the two rival families, Sonny brings Jason up to speed while Johnny sets his sights on Kate. Carly is unable to stay away from Johnny.

Jason and Sam visit Dr. Kelly Lee, hoping to find out who is the father of Sam’s child. Elizabeth’s curiosity is piqued as she ponders why Jason and Sam are at GH. As Sam struggles to erase her haunting thoughts of Franco, she finds strength in her bond with Jason, the two growing ever so close as they await news of the paternity. Alexis unknowingly adds to Sam’s worries as she becomes hormonal at the thought of being a “grandmother.” Jason once again is there to comfort Sam through her worries, pulling her into a deep embrace.


Sonny and Kate’s relationship hits a rough patch when Sonny is concerned she’s keeping secrets…which she is. Patrick confronts Robin with the truth about her HIV status. Olivia’s had enough with Maggie’s attempts to woo Steve. Michael challenges Dante and Delores to finally track down the Mysterious Stripper attacker. Tracy is horrified when Luke doesn’t contest her marriage to Anthony. Spinelli gets comfortable at Maxie’s roommate. Maxie’s follower is revealed. Olivia questions Lulu about hitting the sauce during the afternoon. Molly is upset when TJ makes fun of her MyFace page. Matt is uncomfortable with Elizabeth’s potential future.

Monday – Jax makes Kate a business proposition

Tuesday – Robin and Jason comfort each other.

Wednesday – While Dante and Olivia share motherly/son advice, Lulu and Tracy have a heart-to-heart.

Thursday – Edward has words with Luke.

Friday – Maxie calls out Lulu for her failed career prospects and alcoholic behavior. Sam and Spinelli’s baby planning is foiled when Sam, Jason and Robin all get unsettling news.


Sam is rushed to the hospital! Is she having a miscarriage? Carly and Johnny grow closer. Matt flips out regarding Elizabeth and Ewen. Olivia learns more about Maggie’s past with Steven. What’s going on with Helena? Dante and Lulu make a discovery…



  1. Matt-Jason Cook will be lucky if he has any fans left after this butcher of a headwriter Garin Wolf gets done destroying his character.  *sigh*

  2. As somebody that has waited over three years for a Maxie & Matt storyline this is insulting.  I thought Ron and Frank were suppose to make the show fun to watch again.  There is nothing fun about any of these spoilers whatsoever.  Jason Cook and Kirsten Storms’s chemistry has been wasted long enough. I don’t want to watch this at all. And Claudia as Johnny’s mother is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of!

  3. Only a male headwriter would write this crapfest!  Maxie having Spinelli as a roomate and Matt jealous of Liz is pure BS !    If we had a female headwriter we would have a great fun and sexy storyline with Matt and Maxie.  This show sucks and deserves to be in last place.

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