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GH Previews: Week of January 30


Jason and Sam get the results of the paternity test! Carly gets in deeper with Johnny.


Jason finally gets himself to General Hospital. Elizabeth’s curiosity is piqued to see Jason and Sam at the hospital. Luke and Lulu discuss alcoholism. Ethan and Cassandra’s relationship continues to grow. Lulu considers a job opening at the PCPD. Sonny and Kate talk about their trust issues and what comes next. Spinelli agrees to help Maxie make Matt jealous. Matt asks Elizabeth to dinner. Luke drops in on Ethan and Cassandra at Wyndemere but he gets a surprise. Sonny starts to make Dante an offer he cannot refuse. Delores is motivated by the unsolved murder of her sister, Rosa. Ewen tries to help Dante with a profile of the man suspect in the striper assaults. Johnny talks to Tracy about an important issue. Molly discovers new pal TJ is illiterate.

Shawn overhears Carly calling Johnny – and is conflicted. Dante refuses to be part of Sonny’s pulmonary research benefit. Michael exhibits an uncanny aptitude for business, much to Edward and Tracy’s delight. Kate is being followed. Matt is miffed when Ewen asks Elizabeth to join him in the supply closet. Lulu rolls her eyes at Maxie and Spinelli’s typical shenanigans. Carly stops by Johnny’s garage, but Olivia interrupts. Delores is attacked. Alexis and Diane get drunk with Coleman, but Alexis is affected by more than the alcohol. Shawn gets personal advice from Ewen. Delayed from getting their test results, Jason and Sam venture home. Dante and Lulu discover Delores. Menopause is the word of the day to Alexis’s horror. Diane takes Mac home. Sonny threatens a man in Kate’s life.


Sam rushes to the hospital worried she is having a miscarriage on Monday, January 30th.

Carly levels Sonny for dropping the Claudia bombshell on Johnny on Tuesday, January 31st.

The lab results are in for Jason and Sam on Wednesday, February 1st.

Robin and Mac have an intense conversation on Thursday, February 2nd.

Olivia confronts Steve and Maggie about their past together on Friday, February 3rd.


Jason and Sam get important news. Maxie’s wish to make Matt jealous falls short of expectations. Sonny is surprised by Kate. There is more news for Robin. Carly gets a bombshell dropped on her by Kate.

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  1. Jason & Sam Morgan plus baby(s) is love.

  2. It saddens me that TPTB have made my favorite character Matt Hunter into such a tool.

  3. M&M stuck in Spinelli/Liz hell is not love.

  4. I don’t want Johnny and Carly that came out of the blue give me Sharly please the writer’s let the fans down big time 

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