DAYS Previews: Week of January 30

Abigail furthers her plan to get Austin; Will reaches out to Sonny for advice; Sami is hit with a bombshell.


Madison wants to kill the “mole” plan immediately. Carrie is devastated that she can no longer afford to front her firm. Stefano leaves the ball in Bo & Hope’s court about the safety deposit box. The Salem Mayoral debates take place. Carrie makes a false conclusion about Austin & Abigail. Will questions Sonny on what it was like to come out.

Monday – Sami ruins Sydney’s birthday party and Carrie and Rafe’s intimate moment, forcing her to offer an olive branch to EJ. Stefano tempts Bo and Hope with the reveal of the contents of Alice’s envelope.

Tuesday – Madison reconsiders her attack on Kate; Sami fights John’s attempt to bond with her; Abigail pits Austin against his wife.

Wednesday – Will reaches out to Sonny; Carrie turns to Rafe; Madison tries to overcome her fears and come clean to Brady about her past; Abigail’s new career plans don’t sit too well with Jennifer.

Thursday – Sami is stunned when Madison calls off their plot against Kate; Hope comes to a decision about the safety-deposit box; Sami’s surprised when Will reveals a gift from EJ; Nicole continues to wear down Will.

Friday – Will drops a game-changing bombshell that will affect the lives of everyone in Salem; the Salem mayoral debate takes place.


A blacked out, drunken Austin is tricked into believing a lie. Sami and Rafe’s relationship worsens…