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Revenge Recap: "Perception"


“Perception” gave the viewers a night full of flashbacks, harsh truths, reveals and a cliffhanger that will surely keep fans talking into next week!

“If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite. In reality our perception is often clouded by expectations, by experiences, and as of late I find myself perception is blinded by one thing – revenge.”

Emily Thorne isn’t the only one in the Hamptons with a clouded perception. Conrad is disgusted by his wife’s affair and the discovery of thatCharlotteisn’t biologically his. Ashley is convinced she can work her way up the Hampton social ladder by working for Victoria. Nolan reacts emotionally to those around him, often in an attempt to do what he believes is right. Jack is drowning in heartbreak over Amanda. Daniel is led astray by his parents, especially Victoria who fights to hold her family together, even if it means altering the truth that surrounds her.

And tonight perceptions were cleared character after character, leaving them wrecked beyond comprehension. Too bad that for some, their newfound perception will drive them to making further mistakes.

Meet Papa Edward Grayson

Conrad’s father arrived in the Hamptons, both excited and worried. Excited to share in his grandson’s engagement and worried about his son’s pending divorce. His main goal appeared to be salvaging Conrad and Victoria’s marriage, but there isn’t a chance of that happening.

His arrival is simply a way for Victoria to regain the upper hand by blackmailing Conrad into taking his rightful place as Charlotte’s father and settling their divorce out of court. Conrad seemed to be as scared of his father as Daniel used to be of him.

The First Time Daniel and Emily Really Met

Surprise, surprise! It wasn’t on the boat at that fancy Hampton party. Instead it was in a bar where an extremely drunk Daniel was reading poetry and talking about how he’s limited by the Grayson perception. Given that Daniel was drunk and amidst all kinds of self-loathing, I’m not surprised that he doesn’t remember talking to Emily that night. She gave him some great advice – “If he wants people to see something different then make them see it. He’s better than his parents and there’s nothing poetic about that.”

Jack and Amanda: True Love Forever?

Jack discovered the interview tape with Mason beneath his bad, which sent him spiraling out of control. Nolan’s attempt to retrieve it failed and left Jack calling Amanda crazy ex-boyfriend style. His phone call was intercepted by Emily, who knew exactly where her co-conspirator was. It didn’t take much to convince Amanda to return Jack’s call and ask him to meet her at a hotel.

Seeing Amanda caused Jack to lose control of his emotions and lash out for everything that had happened. He refused to give the tape back and later went to Nolan, who despite Emily’s request, allowed Jack to watch the tape. In the recording, a 10-year-old Emily begs Mason to find Victoria because she loved her father and would help them.

This caused Jack to drive back to the hotel and beat on the door while Amanda cried on the other side. Jack drove off while Amanda called Emily and told her she wasn’t going to listen to her anymore and planned on going after Jack. I wanted to feel bad for them, but I couldn’t. She’s not the real Amanda. He’s in love with the wrong woman. And their extremely short-lived relationship is causing a slew of problems.

The Dinner from Hell

Two notable things happened before this dinner: Emily decided to inform Charlotte of her true paternity with one of Mason’s tapes and Conrad called Ashley out on being Victoria’s courier pigeon. It’s about time someone picked up on her horrible attempt at social climbing and warned her how quickly she would be dropped.

Before dinner, Conrad pulled Charlotte aside and apologized for taking his frustrations withVictoriaout on her. It was the kind of heartwarming, loving father and daughter relationship we’re used to seeing between them. He redeemed himself in an instant. Emily overheard their tender exchanged and had a change of heart, removing the interview tape she had delivered to Charlotte. Too bad it didn’t matter since the truth was revealed anyway.

In what may have been some of the best five minutes this show has had, Jack stormed into the dinner and let loose on Victoriafor everything she had done to Amanda Clarke. Too bad he was doing it in defense of the wrong Amanda as he held out the tape and revealed her affair with David. As per usual, Daniel was quick to come to his mother’s defense, saying it wasn’t her fault, and Charlotte’s paternity was revealed before anyone could stop it. The last thing Emily wanted to happen ended up happening anyway.

Charlotte stormed out and ended up drinking at the bar with Declan. Conrad corrected Daniel’s belief that David raped his mother and Victoria didn’t even attempt to deny it. Papa Grayson reamed his son and announced he wanted Daniel as CEO. Emily called Jack to check on him and he went on and on about how no one bothered to step in and help Amanda, only he’s still talking about the wrong girl. When is he going to figure this out? Home alone, Victoria found Charlotte’s sweater on the ground and picked it up, the epitome of heartbreak. Was I the only one who felt sorry for her after that?

Meanwhile, Emily called Nolan about him letting Jack watch the tape. Their conversation fell short as she came into her house and found that her top secret hiding place in the floor was opened. The only thing left behind was an engagement party RSVP for the real Emily Thorne.

Please excuse me while I go lose my mind over this phenomenal hour of TV all over again and also begin freaking out about next week’s engagement party.

Check out the promo for next week’s episode: Revenge Promo: It’s “Chaos” In The Hamptons

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Revenge Promo: It's "Chaos" In The Hamptons

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