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Vampire Diaries Recap: Dangerous and Sexy Liaisons


Candice Accola and Joseph Morgan

Balls are never boring in Mystic Falls and this week’s episode, “Dangerous Liaisons,”  the ball held by the Originals may have been the best the town has ever seen.

From death to wooing to dancing – vampire hijinks came heavily into play at the ball. The brothers and Rebekah each had mini-plots in this episode, making it more about them than our usual characters. It was a nice change and introduction to the rest of the original family. Elijah worried about what his mother was up to while Klaus busied himself with wooing Caroline. Esther wanted to meet with Elena, which sparked yet another fight between Damon and Stefan. The end result was Damon getting his back broken by Stefan, who had no problem trusting one of Elena (and we all know how well her plans work out). Unfortunately this led to a stinging exchange that sent Damon spiraling in the only way he knows how – booze, sex, women, and self-loathing. Has anyone else missed this side of him?

Before I get into the countdown of the top five scenes, I have to give two honorable mentions. First to Damon finally declaring his feelings to Elena. His admission of love too me by surprise as did Elena’s reaction that loving her was his problem. Way to ruin a moment we’ve all been waiting for, Elena. At least she took it back later on, but it was too late because Damon was already spiraling. And second, to that grand dance scene that involved the entire cast. They rotated in and out of one another’s arms, allowing characters to share short conversations, sexual tension, and snappy comebacks. It was pure perfection.

And now the moments we’ll be talking about until next week’s episode.

5. Elena begs Stefan to feel.

These two went back and forth the entire episode, finally giving us a glimpse at what we love most about them. Stefan has always trusted Elena to make her own decisions and tonight he proved that he still does. This gesture didn’t go unnoticed by Elena, who asked Stefan how he turns everything off. While begging is somewhat unbecoming on a girl, she managed to make me feel for her and her need for Stefan to feel something. Elena admitted she felt everything and always would. For a second, I thought she would break through the walls he’d put him up all season. Stefan held strong though, telling her that if he let himself feel, it’d just be pain and left her standing alone on her porch.

4. Rebekah decides to kill Matt (and then later backs out of it).

At the ball, Rebekah admitted that she brought Matt as her date because she wanted to kill him and needed Baby Brother Original’s help. It was another way to get back at Elena, only Matt’s chivalry caused her to change her mind last minute. In some ways, Rebekah is like Klaus, searching for someone to love her. She craves teenage normalcy and Matt brings her that. She backed out of it too late and her brother decided to kill Matt anyway. Luckily Damon was there to save him, but he was too far deep in self-loathing to brag about it. And Rebekah has lost any chance she had with Matt, who told her to get lost at the end of the episode. This leads us to…

3.  Rebekah and Damon do the dirty.

And boy was it dirty – bodies slamming, clothes ripping, heads being jerked from side to side. I’m still coming down from it. These two didn’t surprise me too much. I kind of had a vibe when they were dancing together, but it’s the fallout that will make this interesting. Elena has some kind of feelings for Damon, not to mention that he slept with someone who wants to kill her. Could this be some form of twisted revenge on Rebekah’s part? Klaus is not going to be happy that his baby sister slept with an enemy. It’s going to be seriously delicious drama. I can’t wait for it.

2. Everything involving Klaus and Caroline

My shipper heart is out of control for these two. I can’t decide ifTylershould come back to town or stay far, far away.

Klaus continued his gift giving this week. First, he sent her an invitation asking him to save her a dance along with a ball gown. Then the two danced, discussed horses, and daddy problems. And later, they had a heated exchange after Klaus shared his artwork – he’s a brooding artist which earns him all kinds of extra hot points that he didn’t even need. After Klaus offered to take Caroline anywhere she wanted in the entire world, she fired back with how he buys love and affection, telling him he needs to understand people if he wants to connect with them. It was honest, but harsh, especially considering how sweet Klaus has to been her. This leaves me wondering – make that hoping –  she’s struggling with her feelings.  

The best gesture being the gift she found on her bed, a sketch of her face and a horse with a thank you note. Apparently Klaus admired her honesty, which means getting a little bitchy isn’t going to send him running. In fact, he likes it, so keep it coming Caroline because I need you two to be together.

1. Mama Original plotting to kill all her children.

I expected Mama Original to have something up her sleeve, but this Mommy Dearest act threw me for a loop. With Stefan’s help, Elena was able to meet with Esther in secret. Esther explained that her body was preserved a witch and she had been hanging out on the other side with a bunch of dead witches for a 1,000 years. She told Elena about a ritual that would use the doppelgänger’s blood to bind the siblings together. The catch is that once one sibling dies, they all will. Why? Because Esther created abominations and it’s her duty to kill them – ouch. Instead of telling Elijah what happened or trying to prevent this binding, Elena kept it a secret. She even lied to sweet, sweet Elijah who has done nothing but look out for her. Her plans always fail, so I’m kind of nervous.

How long until Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah are privy to what their mother has done? What will they do to Elena for taking part? And most importantly, is there a way to reverse the ritual? We need the Originals around. Otherwise,MysticFallsmight get a little boring. 

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