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GH Previews: Week of February 13


Brandon Barash

The heat is on between Carly and Johnny!


The heat is on between Carly and Johnny! Sonny confronts Kate about Jax, but she drops a bomb on him. Michael and Shawn find common ground. Matt and Ewen compete over taking Elizabeth to the pulmonary research ball. Meanwhile, Maxie rats out Elizabeth to Monica. Robin vows to find a genetic protocol solution to save Jason. Carly and Kate struggle over creative control of the MetroCourt. TJ announces an unauthorized party at the lakehouse via MyFace. Matt is horrified to learn of Elizabeth’s suspension – and he goes after Maxie, who has something up her sleeve. Dante and Lulu discuss his relationship with Sonny. Robin makes Jason a promise. Johnny and Anthony spar. Ewen reveals to Ethan Cassandra’s motives. Franco has sent Jason and Sam black/white footage of Jason’s past. Dante and Ronnie get additional clues on the predator who attacked Delores and the dancers. Shawn confronts Carly about her growing closeness with Johnny. Jason, Sam and Monica discuss their future as a family, and are hopeful for the future. Patrick looks for Robin in the lab. Everyone is gathered at the Metrocourt’s Pulmonary Research Benefit Ball and soon it’s war between Sonny and Johnny.


Sam convinces Jason to go to the hospital for the sake of their unborn child on Monday, February 13th.

Robin, Patrick and Emma share a warm moment when Finola Hughes returns as Anna Devane on Tuesday, February 14th.

Jason drops the bomb on Carly that Sam is pregnant on Wednesday, February 15th.

Alexis’s hormones are raging and she begs Molly to be her “date” to the pulmonary benefit on Thursday, February 16th.

A gloved hand aims at Sonny and Dante at the benefit on Friday, February 17th.


Anna has a heart-to-heart with Mac. Helena makes waves at Wyndemere. Shawn interrupts Carly and Johnny.

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  1. The writing for Matt & Maxie is atrocious! Just when I think Garin Wolf has hit the bottom of suck he manages to find another lower level.

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