DAYS Previews: Week of February 13

Abigail schemes to keep Austin away from Carrie; Sami and Carrie have it out; Who is the new Mayor of Salem?

Rafe refuses to give up on his marriage. Victor appoints a new CEO to Titan. Alleged ballot stuffing surrounds the results of the election. Abigail confides in Carrie about the older man she slept with. Brady learns of Madison’s connection to Ian. A misstep by Will makes EJ fear Nicole will learn his secret. Abigail gets man advice from Carrie on Thursday. The mayor’s acceptance speech is interrupted by a shocking announcement on Friday.

Monday – Roman chides Rafe. Carrie and Austin try to use as a tool of forgiveness. Abigail pulls Melanie into her web of deception. Brady discovers Madison’s connection to Ian.

Tuesday – On Election Day in Salem, Abe is faced with an ethical dilemma. Nicole sends Will on an immoral mission. Carrie and Sami drudge up the past, causing Austin to take an unexpected side. Abigail has plans for Austin.

Wednesday – Brady, Sami and Kate’s exes plead with them. Abigail manipulates Carrie to steal Austin away. Rafe turns to Kayla. An enraged fight between Sami and Carrie hits a point of no return.

Thursday – The election results are in. Lexie learns a shocking secret. Abigail continues to make Austin squirm.

Friday – The election results are challenged. A candidate is brought to the police station for questioning. Stefano finally opens his letter from Alice. John and Hope learn their travel plans have a small hitch.